Sunday, July 22, 2007

In And Up In Beverly Hills

Due to the wedding of a great friend’s daughter, we have the good fortune to be in beautiful Los Angeles for a few days, with a little visit to northern points tacked on. We also get the bonus of visiting our LA based daughter.

Don’t be too jealous. After these trips to Paris and California, I’ll barely be able to afford a trip to the corner gas station. Actually that’s the LAST place I’ll be able to go to. Whatever your feelings may be of the Eureka state, the transcendence of the weather cannot be argued with. When you step outside, the warmth of the air and the blue skies (with a little smudgy afterglow) are undeniably energizing.

Every so often, you just HAVE to stay at a wonderful hotel (YOU understand, even if H* needs a bit of convincing) and this is my first visit to the Beverly Hills Hotel. WOW, what a posh, plush and entirely pleasurable experience. It is so welcoming and luxurious all at once that I wish everyone could stay here at least one time.

Breakfast at the supremely deluxe Polo Lounge Patio was flawless, except for one small thing, which to me isn't small. They took away my daughter's plate, while I was still eating. I can stand indifferent food, I can stand poor lighting, a terrible seat...even cold rolls, but what I cannot stand is having plates taken away while someone is still eating. Of course, I really can't stand those other things either, but this ranks as number one on my pet peeve list. Did it affect my opinion of the Polo Lounge? I have to say...not at all. The rest of the service was so down to earth and friendly, yet supremely professional, that it didn't bother me that much, although in principle it does...a lot.

I had the delicious Huevos Rancheros. A tortilla was topped with beautifully cooked black beans, infinitely runny eggs, cheese and rich avocado. There was a sprinkling of diced tomatoes and a bit of cilantro plus a few deeply colored purple and beet red tortilla chips which laced the plate. H had the Chorizo and Avocado Omelet with Jack Cheese and a triangle of hashed browns, which I felt could have used more onion. D** had a scrumptious plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with a slightly larger than a dot garnish of creme fraiche flavored with dill and a bit of caviar. A winning dish.

We traveled to The Grove, my first visit. It's a beautiful outdoor mall with shops ringing the outside and an amazing fountain on the inside area and lots of pathways plus a trolley that takes the overburdened (and let's face it, just plain lazy) visitors around the entire approximately 3 block area. Even the view from the top floor of the parking lot is gorgeous.

The other attraction is The Farmer's Market, which is NOT fruit and vegetable stands (well, there are SOME), but a vast array of food stands and counters. From ONE point in the middle I could see MANY different stands, including Fish Tacos, Flame Broiled Fresh Fish, Lemonade, Sushi A Gogo, Little John's English Toffee, Magee's Nuts, Famous Corned Beef, Donuts, Ice Cream, Pizza.

I bought an adorable little can of Mandarin Olive Oil at Oliviers and Co.

It was just wonderful and D didn't protest too much, when I HAD to buy her a few items as well. Home for her and back to the hotel for us until we meet again.

*long-suffering Husband


Emilie said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Sue said...

I DO love visiting Lala Land

Jennifer said...

Oh much as I hate LA, there is just something magical about it, maybe because it's where everyone goes to make their dreams come true or whatever...but seriously!

I still prefer Norcal over SoCal anyday though! Gotta represent! LOL!

Sue said...

Being an East Coaster, I always thought I would hate LA and I really don't. In fact, I love the weather, the food, the gawking at famous people...I do hate the driving and I don't understand why there seems to be rush hour EVERY hour of the day.