Friday, October 19, 2007

When Is A Rug Not A Rug?

When it is a magnificent tapestry at the Manufacture des Gobelins. A and I saw some gorgeous tapestries at the Gobelin Museum, where you can also take a tour of the workroom (in French, but English brochures are available) to see how the weavings are made. Below is a Miro that was made into a tapestry. Am I allowed to like it more than the original painting?

Here are a couple other pretty ones:
It was a fascinating place to visit.

H and I had a wonderful dinner at Le Pichet (68, Rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris Tel : 01 43 59 50 34), with a colleague and his wife. They were lovely, and I'm afraid I concentrated more on the company than the food. It was great, though. I started with thin, thin, thin slices of smoked fish and then moved on to a filet of salmon served on a bed of lentils from Le Puy. We had 2 desserts at the table, a cake like pastry with lots of nuts, beautifully presented and a little chocolate cake garnished with a splendid Cape Gooseberry


Cynthia said...

It's never a bad thing to concentrate more on the company than the food.

I wonder when I'll ever get to Paris... sigh.

Emilie said...

Ooooh! Look at you Miss Fancy Pants.
I don't know where that came from- I don't think I've ever said that before.

Welcome back from Paris. Are you going to go back soon?

Sue said...


You are so right, but, still, it's not a bad thing to know what you are eating.

Hey Missie Emilie,

Fancy Pots or Fancy Knives maybe, but not fancy PANTS.

I'm not going back anytime soon, if H has anything to say about it, but luckily, he often doesn't.