Saturday, October 20, 2007

And The Winner Is...

NOT ME, or NOT I, if you prefer. Any which way, I came up short, but that's ok, because a truly amazing recipe won the Stop the Traffik chocolate competition at R Khooks blog.

Thank you to all my supporters and I'll be working diligently until the next competition to come up with a winning recipe.

And the good news is that I've discovered a really fabulous brand of fair trade chocolate, so I can feel just as good when I buy it, as when I eat it.


R khooks said...

Your mile high chocolate dacquoise rocked, Sue. If it's any consolation your cake was very popular.

Sue said...

It is a bit of a consolation, Rachel ...and I just have to remind myself that, even though I wasn't triumphant, a larger good has been served. It's always a good thing whenever there is a new chocolate recipe out there in the world.

Emilie said...

Ahhh, shucks.
I bet yours took the most work.

I think we should recount.
Oh well, there will be other contests.

Sue said...

Bon Jour Emilie,

I don't know, the winning recipe looked like it took about 3 weeks...mine only took about a week and a half.