Thursday, September 6, 2007

Paula Laughs, Licks and Nibbles Her Way Through An Appearance On Ellen

I caught Paula on Ellen today. Paula came out in shimmery pants with her big laugh AND a country ham as a gift for Ellen.

The cooking part was great, but the interview was a bit strange. Ellen SAID she was really interested in what Paula had to say about her agoraphobia. Paula talked about how her symptoms started when she lost her father when she was 19 and he was 40. It was as if someone had "snatched the rug out" from under her.

Then right in the middle of a sentence, practically, Ellen says "Well, we have to get to the cooking thing," and abruptly goes to a break. To tell the truth, Paula didn't seem to mind, but I did. Luckily, Paula went right with the flow.

They came back for the cooking segment. Paula was making Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding . She cuts up the doughnuts by taking bites out of them. Ellen gets into the act. It was too funny, if unbelievably unsanitary.

And THEN Ellen is pouring in the condensed milk, holding the bowl about 3 feet high and Paula sticks her TONGUE under the stream and catches some...Amazing the acrobatics she can do when food is involved.

Paula also points out to the audience, "Not one grain of sugar did I add, making it a SUGAR-FREE bread pudding recipe." Ellen pours it into the prepared pan like a 4 year old would, spilling half of it out. Paula just tucks and squooshes it back into the pan. Luckily, they had a freshly baked one, which they both burn their mouths on. Funny stuff. Kind of a revolting recipe, but, boy, I bet it's good.



Emilie said...

This looks really funny; I'm sorry I missed it. I was even home today, too!
Yes, they are breaking some major sanitation laws here.
Paula does that a lot on her "Party" show...have you noticed that?

Sue said...

Hiya Em,

Yeah, I have. I saw Paula taste something or other and then she sat on some guy's lap and fed him with the same spoon. Who cares what we do in our own kitchens with our own families sharing the same germs, but when the cameras are on...that's a different story. You gotta love her.

Matt said...

I saw Paula make this recipe on Paula's Party last year with the guy who gave her the recipe. It's such an insane desert! I thought Ellen's interview was pretty lame, and I was disappointed she didn't spend more time actually talking with Paula. The Eric Dane interview that preceded it was also pretty dull, so maybe Ellen was having an off day. The cooking part of it was pretty hilarious, though. I did a post about this on my blog, too.

Sue said...

I think you're right. The entire show, until Paula got into the kitchen, was a big yawn. Paula is such a grand gal. I love her more everytime I see her.

Jennifer said...

BWAHAHHAA!! I love that last picture of Paula. She's such a hoot! She's really starting to grow on me. My husband even says, "Hey ya'll". LOL!

Sue said...

I have to say, I wouldn't necessarily make any of her recipes, but I love watching her.

Bye now, y'all.