Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hot Off The Presses: Rachael Ray On David Letterman

Ok, I'm really trying to be nice. The best part of Rachael's appearance was that there was no cooking involved. And she looked fine...nice dress.

One thing that was weird, though, was that she sat straight up on the edge of her chair, like she had a rod down her back. Her conversation was relaxed, but she looked uncomfortable.

One of the problems could have been that I'm not sure David Letterman knew who she was. Plus, he kept asking her about sweetbreads. To what end, I'm not sure, but it wasn't terribly riveting. AND it didn't seem that she had anything big to talk about it. I know her new season is starting on Monday, but that was mentioned as an afterthought.

Oh wait, there was one interesting thing. Rachael Ray admirers will love this, others will grimace. She spent nearly the entire summer taping MANY new 30 Minute Meals AND her tasty travel show or whatever it is. She took a day and a half off at the beginning of the summer and another day some other time and THAT WAS IT...her only breaks. Dave asked her why she would want to work that hard, that she'll end up looking like him. And she said because when people ask her, she can't say no.

It wasn't as bad as Paula on Larry, but Dave certainly didn't get to the root of what her fans love about her. As for the rest of us, her anti-fans, it was so lukewarm an appearance, that there wasn't even much to rail against.


Emilie said...

I saw this! I felt uncomfortable watching how uncomfortable she was. She wasn't relaxed at all. It almost seemed like her attitude and her answers/stories seemed fake. Does that make sense? It didn't seem genuine. I think she's will probably catch up with her soon.

Sue said...

You're prob'ly right. She's going on overdrive and I guess it's starting to show.