Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Food Network - I Liked Your Old Homepage Just Fine

I don't love the new Food Network Homepage. The one feature I used all the time is not there. The Find a TV Show box used to be on the home page. Now you have to click at least once to get there. There's a Find A Recipe From An Episode, but that takes you to a dumb list that gives you a DESCRIPTION of each show and a link.

AAARRRGGHHH!!!! And yes, I know there are various other ways to get to where I want, such as the alphabetical list of shows, BUT they all involve more clicks than before.

So now I have to go to Find A Recipe From An Episode, choose a show and leave the "Episode Topic" box empty and THEN when I get to that page which is just a dumb list of SOME episodes, but not all, I can click AGAIN in the Find A TV Show box and get what I want. Oh, but luckily there IS room for a giant picture of Rachael Ray AND a poll by Kraft on whether we prefer Shrek Mac and Cheese to Hamburger Helper. (I kind of made that up, but not entirely.)


Steen said...

Hey Sue, thanks for commenting on my blog! And, I'll go ahead and say it... The FN website is never quite right. There's always something that leaves me a bit frustrated.

Sue said...

My pleasure, Steen. Another horrible thing about the Food Network website is that they can't handle it if you mispell one TINY thing in a recipe search.

Recipe Tweaker said...

I totally agree with you about the new Food Network homepage. I don't want to get a description of the show when I search for one, I want the recipes to show up in the results. The key, in my opinion, to a good website is easy access to whatever you are looking for. In this case, I want recipes (quickly) - I don't want to have to click a bunch of times to view the recipes, because then it takes you that much longer to browse for what you are looking for. I guess it is not that big of a deal, but it does slightly annoy me since that is one of the sites I go to on a regular basis.

Sue said...

Hey Tweaker,
DITTO!!!!!!!! It IS important, though, and you would think that an enterprise wouldn't be that thrilled if everytime you go to their website, you get annoyed and you think twice about it. If I'm looking for a random recipe, I will NEVER go to the FN website. I'll always go to Epicurious first.

PerkyMac said...

I have dial-up that's slow, but no other web page loads so slowly as FN. Takes absolutely forever. I usually search the cook/chef name, rather than show title. Right now, I'm copying (from PRINT) Mario Batali's recipes at a hurried pace, because he got the boot and they'll all be gone. His are the best Italian recipes, bar none. The song for his show went right through me, and I couldn't watch him. So sorry Mario.

Sue said...

Hey Perky,

It is amazing that an enterprise, which relies so heavily on its website for marketing, has such a crappy one.

That's terrible about Mario. I couldn't find anything about him leaving. Of course, he has so much going on that we can't feel too bad for him.