Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Notes About Food Network Chefs

I caught Emeril on Regis and Kelly Lee (as Dave Letterman says). Apparently, they're spending some time in New Orleans to highlight all the progress that's been made. When asked how things are, Emeril replies, "Everyday gets a little bit better." From your lips...

Emeril tells them that he came to N'Orleans 25 years ago to take over
Commander's Palace from
Paul Prudhomme and work with the Brennan family. I'm glad he mentioned all those folks. I want to believe that Emeril is as nice a guy as he appears. But I could be wrong, because he's obviously trying to do in Reege. He's making a Hot Crab and Crawfish Pasta with ONE AND A HALF CUPS OF HEAVY CREAM! Not exactly what the doctor ordered after heart surgery. Reege smiles weakly as he looks on, thinking...if I want to stay alive another year, I won't even LOOK at this. They come back after a break and, luckily, he doesn't even have a plate in front of him. Emeril talks about Cafe Reconcile and he does a bit about other restaurants in New Orleans.

Next on the Rachael Ray Show, she must have broken some record for talking about one's husband. Oh, he loves this or he loves that....He LOVES to shop...and so on. Rockin' Ray (I'm trying out new nicknames - but that one sounds like I approve of her cooking) must have mentioned him 30 times. I have no idea if this show was taped before all the stories about her husband, but if it was after, I have to say I kind of admire her strategy here. Rather than answering for the umpteenth time questions that are really no one else's business, she's decided to make it clear in a more subliminal way that things are fine and she's very much sticking with him.

Here's Rachael Ray counting the ways her husband is so wonderful:

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