Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cloud Eggs For Special Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’re being honored as the best mother ever! Or honoring your own best mother or someone near and dear to you. Here’s a recipe for breakfast (in bed 😊) that can be made with little or no preplanning, but is still super special – Cloud Eggs. Fluffy mounds of egg whites are baked in a hot oven quickly, then yolks are nestled in the center and baked again briefly. Voila, yummy puffy whites with runny yolks.

Cloud Eggs are all over Instagram and the internet. Everyone (and her mother) has been making them lately. As I was searching around for different versions, I found a Rachael Ray recipe for “Eggs in Clouds” from 2012! Did she invent them, I wonder?

It’s funny, I’ve never adored RR’s recipes. I think she’s a fine talk show host, but I've always turned her off when she got to the food part of her show. Ever since November, though, I’ve appreciated her more. Her show is a total escape from reality (essential these days) and she’s always cheerful and enthusiastic. Plus the advice that she and her cohorts give on a wide range of topics isn’t half bad either. Having said that, I will never make a thick soup or thin stew and call it stoup. But with all the incivility and lying and ugliness in our public space these days, am I allowed to say that I sometimes find Rachael Ray a pleasing relief?

Anyhoo, it seems as if almost everybody’s recipe is based on that 2012 RR one, (whether they admit or not). Mine isn’t that different either, except that I'm positive that 2 or 3 minutes is not enough to cook the "clouds" after the yolks have been added. They’re still snotty. I cook them for a full five minutes and I get completely done whites and still runny yolks.

The biggest challenge is keeping the egg yolks intact – when you separate the eggs AND when you place them on top of the egg white nests. I WAS careful, but one of my yolks did not cooperate in the oven and broke ever so slightly.

This is also a great recipe for any Paleo and Whole30 folks. You absolutely can make it with only salt and eggs, but the cheese is a good addition. I haven’t added bacon, but go ahead and add chopped, cooked bacon to the whites with the cheese. 

Beat whites.
Fold in remaining ingredients.
Place in blobs on greased baking sheet.

Baked blobs:
Place yolks in indentations.

Baked Cloud Egg
You can also pimp up (out?) the whole thing:

  • Serve it on an English muffin with hollandaise.
  • Make bacon cups and serve it in those! Here’s a complicated recipe, and a simpler one (forget about the bean part of that recipe…or not…)
  • OR take a look at this interesting presentation and vary this recipe. After you’ve framed the cooked bacon into muffin cups, spoon in the whisked egg whites, bake and then add the yolks as per my recipe. You’ll end up with Cloud Eggs surrounded by crisp bacon.  What could be wrong with that?
Cloud Eggs (makes 2)
Based on Rachael Ray’s Eggs on Clouds

2 eggs
¼ tsp. salt
2 tbls. grated white cheddar cheese
Freshly ground black pepper
Optional: chopped parsley for garnish

Preheat oven to 450°.

Separate eggs very carefully, keeping the yolks intact. Place each yolk in its own little bowl. Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold in salt, cheddar cheese and freshly ground black pepper. Place 2 round blobs on pam-ed foil. Make a big indentation in the center of each blob with a spoon. Bake for three minutes. Remove from oven and carefully place yolks into indentations and bake for five more minutes. Slide a thin spatula underneath eggs and place on warm plate(s). Garnish with chopped parsley, if desired.

Note: As careful as I was, one of the yolks still broke during baking. Argh!


Anonymous said...

Bacon cups! My sister-in-law gave me the ceramic molds for making them and now I'll have an excuse to use them.

I haven't made much of RR's food, either, although I think no one is better at showing you how to sequence prep. But she did an interview with Christopher Kimball on ATK radio and was really fun (despite Kimball's trashing her in print previously). The story about her crush on Tom Jones was hysterical. I'll have to try these eggs!

Sue said...

Hey Tom,
Wow! You have actual molds for bacon cups! That's really neat.
RR is growing on me as someone having a positive, happy influence on the world, as opposed many others...