Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!! Plus A Menu Preview

Many of us will agree it’s time to turn the page on this year and start anew. I wish you a wonderful night tonight, but especially a wonderful New Year. I hope you’re healthy, happy and...well-fed.

This is probably not wise but I’m going to post the New Year’s Eve and next day brunch menus that I’m PLANNING to make BEFORE I actually serve them. Then I’ll let you know how much of it all really came true and how it was. Wouldn’t it be funny if all I managed was wheat thins with cream cheese and pepper jelly? 

And thank you to all my blog buddies, blog readers and commenters. Let's stick together again next year and have a great New Year! 


Parmesan Croutes With Melon Salsa And Veggie Bacon

Baby Lemon Crepes With:
  Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade
And Lemon Curd And Raspberries (obviously not together)

Olives And Feta

Maple Sugared Nuts



Strawberries in Champagne
OR Champagne poured over Strawberries (We’ll see.)

Potato And Onion Frittata

Lox, White Fish And Veg Cream Cheese
Cukes, Toms and Red Onions

Apple Cake
Date Cake


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I'm on the edge of my seat regarding how you're going to prepare those strawberries and champagne!

I don't know what's going to be at the party tonight, but I may not be feeling well enough to eat it. I heard it through the grapevine there will be baked brie. There would have been a cake, but I realized when I was about to bake it last night that I was out of sugar.

Sue said...

Oh no, Rach! How about brown sugar? You could make blondies...

I'm imagining the champagne and strawberries this way - sliced strawberries macerated in Grand Marnier and a tiny bit of sugar. I'll spoon that into these old-fashioned wide wine(?) glasses. Then I'll top each serving with champagne. We can drink it, but I'll also serve it with tiny spoons. AND I may move that from brunch to tonight.