Friday, April 6, 2012

What I Find Pinteresting

I meant to write about Pinterest when it was still young and new. And here it is more than 24 weeks after I pinned my first pin and this is my first mention of it. I wanted to master the art of pinning (which took about 27 seconds) and get a few boards going before I wrote about it.

What do I like about Pinterest? I like that it’s a cross between a virtual pinboard and scrapbooking. I’m always making lists of different links that I either use a lot or want to keep for future reference. This is a great visual way to do that. The bookmarks on my computer are ridiculously long and my dream is to convert them all into Pinterest boards. One day.

This was one of the first posts I read about Pinterest. Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats uses Pinterest in such a smart way. After being asked numerous times about things to do in Des Moines, she made a board of places to go, restaurants and other points of interest.

It’s also just fun to look at what other people are interested in. For example, this is coolthis is kind of weird, but still fun, although not as weird as this.

This board is handy for Easter decorating and this one is pretty and interesting.

Pinterest is also a useful place to find new recipes or ways of serving things. I searched for carrots here.  Don’t these Baked Coconut Carrot Fries look amazing?

I wanted to see WHO had pinned WHAT about my favorite dessert - Dacquoise.

Okay, there WAS the Dacquoise comfort bra(!!!), but that’s part of the fun of searching around for different things. And, no, it wasn’t constructed out of meringues and whipped cream, although I’m sure there’s a Pinterest board for those kinds of things.

A young friend of mine loves navy and yellow together and showed me this board. That’s nifty. Anyhoo, look around Pinterest for everything from useful ideas, great recipes or solutions to everyday home repair problems. In other words, WHATEVER you’re interested in, you can find it on Pinterest and, more importantly, other people that are also interested in it.   

You can find me on Pinterest here and I’ve (finally) put a button on my blog. 


Abandoned By Wolves said...

Cool. I'd heard about Pinterest in a vague, general sense, but I'd never figured out why I should bother. Sounds very useful indeed. Many thanks for the overview, and maybe I'll get started myself. It's like that old kid's self improvement book,"I Could Do Anything, If I Knew What It Was."

As always, you are da best.

Sue said...

Thanks so much, James.

Start out your perusal of Pinterest by searching for something specific that you're interested in - like Wild Boar or chintz and checks. It's amazing how one thing leads to another as you're looking around the site.