Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Variation On Some More S’mores

I was too early writing about S'mores this summer. TODAY is actually National S’mores Day. I have one more variation that came to me in a vision. (Yet another reason to get my eyes checked.)

Last time, I added some cherry preserves to the inside and drizzled chocolate on the outside of the graham crackers. What about dipping the MARSHMALLOWS in chocolate and then melting THOSE on the graham crackers? The good news (and there IS no bad news) is that you can dip a few extra marshmallows and just have those as a treat without bothering with the graham crackers.

I didn’t use my usual Crisco to get a nice sheen. I just melted a handful of chocolate chips with a large splash of coffee. Remember though, you can never add just a TINY bit of liquid when melting chocolate, or it will seize up. (Have you ever melted chocolate in a wet pan? Instant nightmare.) There has to be enough liquid to be distributed evenly amongst the chocolate and smooth it out a bit. A good rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of liquid to every 2 oz. of chocolate.

I dipped my pillow-shaped marshmallows in the coffee-chocolate mixture.

I placed one on a graham cracker square...

...and microwaved it for 10 seconds. Don't be tempted to do it longer. The marshmallow billowed up and cracked through the chocolate like a volcano through the earth’s crust. Very cool. Then it settled back down on the graham cracker.

I topped it with the other graham cracker square.

How did it taste? Absolutely no different than a regular s’more.

The only possible difference was that the chocolate was a bit more evenly distributed on the graham cracker, which isn’t a bad thing. It IS a bit fussy, so I’m not sure the Girl Scouts will be including this method at their next campfire, but I may. Why make something in 2 steps when you can complicate it and extend it to 4 or 5?


Emily said...

Ohhhhh my goodness. THAT looks amazing. I want one right now

I really need to buy those square marshmallows.

Sue said...

You should really RUN to the store right now and get these marshmallows. They will change your life.