Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I feel foolish saying HAPPY Memorial Day, when it’s an intensely sad day for many, as they remember their lost family members who have served in the military. I will say thank you to them and their families, though, and hope that their pride and love carries them through this day. This is a food blog, after all, so I must make a quick mention of these:

Aren’t they glorious? I made a new Twitter buddy the other day– Hi Shulie! – and after she asked fellow Tweeters for a barbecue sauce recipe (I gave her this one), she said she was looking for a hamburger bun recipe.

I was impressed! It never occurred to me before to make hamburger buns. It just never crossed my mind. Plus I have to admit I have never known anyone else to make them either.  And it was amazing that Shulie didn’t waste any time in putting together her barbecue. Gorgeous job!

Anyway, Angie gave Shulie this recipe from Jennifer. I tried it and, voila, real store-bought-looking hamburger buns. (That's a GOOD thing in this case.) 

I was SO thrilled with myself. Enjoy your barbecues, save some time to think of so many families’ sacrifices and, next time, I’ll tell you about a few up and downs (really, only ups) with this fantastic recipe. 

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Shulie said...

These buns look gorgeous Sue. Even more authentic than mine. I don't think I used butter, I was out, so I used canola. I think the sheen also is different because of the butter. In any event I do like the tips you gave in the recipe though I suspect I will use my shortcut out of laziness. The rolls were such a success as I can imagine same at your place:). Great jon and am impressed!! Thanks again for the mention. Shulie