Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top Chef Finalists On The Today Show

If tonight’s Top Chef-All Stars finale is anything like Richard’s And Mike’s appearance on the Today Show this morning, we’re in for some pretty dreary viewing.

In their defense, the two chefs had only about 5 minutes to assemble their own versions of a springtime lasagna.  Matt and Meredith were supposed to taste both and then declare a winner, EXCEPT that they initially refused to say whose they liked better because they thought that wasn’t nice. 

After being kind of wishy-washy, Matt finally went with Richard and Meredith liked Mike’s. Savannah Guthrie played the Wolfgang Puck role from last week and broke the tie – It was Richard by (the opposite of) a landslide. He was put over the top by one casual taster, who had a split second to decide. I wonder if tonight’s verdict will feel as rushed.   

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Emily said...

Yaaay Richard!!