Friday, October 1, 2010

Who Is Ruining Top Chef Just Desserts?

Top Chef Just Desserts - Glee Club

I'll give you a hint. HIS NAME IS SETH!

I'm sure I'm not the only one NOT enjoying Top Chef Just Desserts. At first, I thought Seth was just your run-of-the-mill, difficult individual with low impulse control. NOW I think he’s seriously troubled and it’s not fun to watch that OR to write about it. He ruins every interaction he’s part of. He refuses to subject himself to the actual challenges and he has hissy fits when things don’t go his way.

They were supposed to present a wedding cake to Sylvia Weinstock for the Quickfire Challenge. (The cakes were already baked.) Seth had never made a wedding cake before (he wasn't the only one) and he decided he simply wasn't going to make one now, so he made a dumb little individual cake. Sylvia, in her wise way, was not impressed and said she would have preferred that he TRY the challenge and fail than to not even try!

In the Elimination Challenge, they had to prepare bake sale items for a high school. Seth made a ridiculous financier - not that financiers are ridiculous, just that they're NOT appropriate for (American) bake sales. Johnny thought it was well made, but it had NOTHING to do with a school bake sale. So again, Seth did whatever he wanted with no regard for what was being asked of him.

SEE? I didn’t want to talk about Seth and that’s all I can think of. He sucks the air out of every room he’s in. Painful is the only way to describe him. I feel sorry for the other chefs that he’s NOT sharing this season with. He’s ruining their chances to be in the limelight.

Who won anyway? Oh, nice Erika won the Quickfire and Baker Boy Eric won the Elimination Challenge. Dark-haired Heather C. was sent home for a boring peanut butter cookie. She was miffed because her teammates vetoed her Whoopie Pie idea. Really dumb, she should have made it anyway. And AGAIN, it wasn’t Seth to leave, so we have to be subjected to him next week. I may wait until he goes bye-bye to get my next hit of TCJD.


Anonymous said...

He is so supremely annoying. He couldn't have done his little miniature cake in a bigger size? Not everybody used fondant, big whoop.

And I don't understand why Heather didn't do the whoopie pie either (and I am also bummed we will not find out why she had those bandages on her brow). I know it has the word "pie" in it, but I always think of them as more of a soft oreo cookie or something. Besides, if the team didn't have a cookie - well, they may have gotten yelled at, but it's not like there would've been somebody to single out and send home because of it.

And I didn't like the other Heather's comment during the quickfire that Erika's cake was not aesthetically pleasing - "It's not what I would want." Isn't that kind of the deal with wedding cakes - everybody has their personal preference. My parents and I came to blows over my wedding cake. I always get annoyed when the chefs seem to forget that - cooking is based a lot on personal preference - what Gail says "needed more heat" or "that frosting was too sweet", to somebody else is perfect. I personally wanted NO flowers on my wedding cake, so while I thought Heather did a nice job decorating it, I would never have chosen it.

And Seth is a loon and, I agree, painful to watch.

astheroshe said...

I am 1000 percent in agreement. I finally watched this week. It was at LEAST better than the first two.

I enjoyed the bake sale thing. (are the cashing in on the the whole GLEE CRAZE-maybe just a little?-one of my fav shows) Yes, Heather should have made her pie, they are always awesome, BUT that cookie was lame. Flat with no crunch. She looked exhausted thru out the whole ordeal.

I was surprised at Yii--that pudding was also not bake sale material, and i know many kids who do not like ginger. Nor was strawberry shortcake, by blondie-ZAC.

I would Kill to meet Sylvia Weinstock! -and SETH in his own i am better than anyone, i am the center of my own schizophrenic mind insults her by NOT even trying a wedding cake. . Are you FRACKING KIDDING ME?!

He is very very emotionally and socially immature. Like he is borderline Asperger's Syndrome. That would be a reason to accept his behavior, vs, just plain clueless.

Looks like someone passes out next week, in the preview, and is carted off to the ER. Should be interesting.

I wish they would change the name of the QUICK FIRE! there is nothing quick and no fire! How about EASY BAKE?! BAKE off, mini bake.....something!It is just odd.

I will watch next week, Sue and Amy i will be back next week to chime in :)

Sue said...

I looked everywhere to try to figure out WHY she had those bandages, but no luck. If I do find out, I’ll certainly alert you.

The other Heather is definitely snotty, but she is so accomplished in her real chef-ing life that I don’t mind her superior remarks.

You’re right about wedding cakes being so personal. Heather C. will probably torture herself and make her own.

Seth is not fun or funny. I can’t help rolling my eyes when he opens his mouth. In fact, every single time he comes on the screen, I go into the kitchen and put another turn on my puff pastry.

(That’s not exactly true, but I wanted a pastry chef reference. Does it count if, instead of dealing with puff pastry, I actually rip open a pack of chocolate-drizzled mini rice cakes?)

Hi Astheroshe,
They were definitely glomming onto the whole Glee thing. At least they didn’t make them bake for The Real Housewives. Oh wait, Top Chef DID have some of them as judges for a Quickfire. THAT was pointless.

I agree that the pudding was stupid, the strawberry shortcake was stupid and a whoopee pie would have been perfect.

That’s true that Seth REALLY blew it by having Sylvia Weinstock remember him for being a little baby than a talented pastry chef.

I really do think he has some actual disorder. THAT’S why I think I shouldn’t even be mentioning his name…at all.

Are you sure you weren’t watching the commercial for Jackie Warner’s Tubby People’s Intervention, or whatever it’s called? I think someone is supposed to pass out THERE.

I love the Easy Bake idea. I wish that would be one of the challenges.

Come back anytime!

astheroshe said...

Oh Sue.. Maybe you are right about the passing out? I was not really paying attention. BUT i could swear it was TCJD ..I TIVo quickly thru alot :)

I too would love everyone to bake in a Easy Bake oven. That would be soo cute :)

I am looking foward to TC- All stars Carla will be back! LOVE HER!

Anonymous said...

No, I think she's right, somebody on Top Chef passes out. Maybe somebody took Zac's advice, snorted buttercream, and it ended badly. Haha!

Sue said...

Oh goodie! It sounds like lots of folks will be passing out on Bravo next week!

Tracy said...

I agree with you about Seth. I found myself pondering what his appearance on this show will do for his career. Who would want to work with him after this show? Did he not think about the implications of showing this kind of behavior on TV? He's the only thing I really remember about the show thus far.