Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ringo Is 70 Plus One Day, Lebron Is 5 Hours Away From Announcing His New (Or Same) Home And Jamie Gets An Emmy Nod

As Does Former Fat (HE used the word, not me) Kid,
Ryan Seacrest, His Producer

Wow, what a day!

I remember Ringo when. And, gosh, does he look great. (In fact, I think he may look better at 70 than in his heyday.) I’m on tenterhooks waiting for Lebron’s announcement on ESPN tonight and hoping that he doesn’t leave Cleveland, although I should probably look up just WHO Lebron is and where is this Cleveland.

One thing I AM sure about, though, is that I’m thrilled for Jamie that his show got nominated this morning for an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Show.

Thankfully, he’s not up against any of the Housewives, so he has a chance. I think the Food Revolution was television at its best. It did have a bit of schmaltz, but, of course, only the sentimental kind, not the kind in a pitcher. Plus how can you root against someone trying to change the ways of an unhealthful town AND nation? He’s got complete right on his side.

This is what Jamie said:

“This is incredible news! Even to be nominated is such an honor, and such a pat on the back for the TV and Campaign teams and for the good people of Huntington WV for all their hard work. Balancing programme making with a real live campaign is always a challenge, so everyone involved should take this nomination as an encouragement to keep on fighting the good fight!”

Congrats to Ryan, too, for being rewarded with nominations for his one millionth and one millionth-and-one show business jobs this year.


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I think Ringo looks better than Paul at this point. Paul just never knew when to back off the plastic surgery. He's all plastic-y now.

You should see how they're hovering around the TV in my office waiting to see what the LeBron situation is. I saw less tension and speculation in the 2000 presidential elections!

BTW, after reading your blog I mentioned Xie Xie to Kevin and asked it he had ever eaten there. He said he had. We had the discussion while we were walking to our respective NY offices, so he offered to meet me there for lunch that day. He didn't bring me a sandwich. I had to walk over there in the 95-degree heat (across Times Square no less) but at lesat he paid. I found out you can get those cool sandwich toppings served over a salad, so the gluten thing wasn't even an issue. We had a very nice lunch and some precious stolen moments together. Thanks for the rec!

Sue said...

That's so funny about Lebron.

Wow! I didn't know you could order the sandwiches as a salad! I LOVE that idea, except the bread for the fish sandwich was sooo good.

I was there on a super hot day too. You didn't mention the Thousand Year Old ice Cream Sandwich. :-(

Were they out of them or were you being virtuous?

Emily said...

Yaaay Jamie!

Who is this Lebron??

I prefer Paul over Ringo. How old is Paul?