Monday, May 31, 2010

Have You Kissed A Veteran Today? Plus The New Cooking Channel

I did! My father-in-law.
I hope you had a happy Memorial Day! We had way too much food and this is the only evidence (except for my overloaded fridge with leftovers) of the entire meal. Sorry!

This was dessert. It's the Blackberry Cobbler from The Blackberry Farm Cookbook. It was sensational. The best part was the lime zest zinging up the blackberries. Wait, I forgot the ice cream. Here you go.

I'll tell you all about the cobbler and Blackberry Farm in my next post. Don't remind me if I said that last time.

But, first, did anyone catch the premier of the Cooking Channel? After my company left, I turned it on for just a second and I saw a group of young men EATING PIZZA OUT OF A GARBAGE CAN! I kid you not. Then they proceeded to eat more pizza off a model of a geodesic dome. WHAT was going on?

After a little research, it turned out that THIS was what I was watching. And that wasn’t a garbage can they were eating the pizza out of; it was a box formed by pizza dough (the episode was called 3D pizza) and they were scooping fillings out of the box to put on their ripped pieces of pizza dough, which were the walls of the box. Gross.

Then I noticed that the next show was called Drink Up! and it was about “everything you always wanted to know about beer”.

It suddenly occurred to me that I definitely do not fit into the demographic of this new network's target audience. I had thought it would be a COOKING network with COOKING shows, but after my first exposure to it, it seemed more geared to frat boys.

Oh well. I wonder if my first glance will be my last.


Java Joggers said...

I DID kiss a veteran -- my husband! Glad you had a nice Memorial Day :)

Sue said...

Hey Ginny,
Good for you! He deserves it.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Oh please don't let it be your last. I was looking forward to your critiques of all of the new shows.

I only watched a little bit yesterday. I saw something like THREE of those booze shows in a row on deck.

Sue said...

Hey Rach,
You know, I thought I saw three in a row too, but then when I looked at the line up on their website, it just had the beer one.

Maybe I'll give it another look-see, but it did start out pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

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