Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Best Things In Life Are Free

It’s rare when we can say something is truly free, but this Chipotle Tapenade really was.

I didn’t get a mass email from some PR type; instead I got a direct message on Twitter that I had won an All Spice Café product in a random drawing - ANY that I desired! How great is that? (They do giveaways every Monday.)

After much thought, I chose the Chipotle Tapenade, because I LOVE tapenade AND chipotle.

No one asked me to say anything, but, really, this is great stuff. It has chunky pieces of Kalamata olives in it and just enough of that wonderful smoky chipotle taste. It packs a punch of flavor into even a tiny spoonful.

I tried it by itself AND on chips with just a bit of sour cream to cool down the heat. Fantastic. I also think it would be great tossed on pasta. And, really, a little goes a long way.

Now, if only there would be a Giveaway Monday of this.


Emily said...


And I want this tapenade too. I love tapenade and chipotle.

Perfect for cinco de mayo. Ole!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

We know I have an addiction to chipotle powder - olives not so much, but I can understand your love of this stuff perfectly.

I think I'd be afraid to eat a $750cupcake! What if after eating it I found it just wasn't all that?

CT said...

That tapenade looks great and you can't beat the price. Great idea for a blog here and well executed. Hope you'll write about NFNS when (or is it if?) it resumes.

JD said...

Glad you liked the tapenade Sue! Here are a couple of recipes from the All Spice Cafe website using the Chipotle Olive Tapenadw, yes it's great on tossed pasta as well as in scrambled eggs (throw on some fresh grated pecorino cheese)!



Sue said...

Arriba to you too!

Me too about the cupcake! Do you think they'll be having a giveaway soon?

DebCarol said...

Ha, what a cupcake. I think Ina should make one of them for Jeffrey. Now how good would that be??!

Sue said...

It IS so addictive. I love chipotle more than smoked paprika and I love THAT a lot!

I would darn well ADORE that cupcake, if I paid $750 for it.

Hi CT,
Welcome! Thanks so much for the nice words. Come back ANYTIME!

The Food Network website says that The Next Food Network Star is starting in 32 days. I'm not clever enough to figure out when that is and they're not clever enough to just tell us the actual date.

It's great! Thank you again and thanks for those recipes. Yummy.

Yes, Ina should. And she could afford to... ;-)