Sunday, February 21, 2010

Could Paula Deen Cut The Mustard As An American Idol Judge?

So what do y’all think about Paula Deen sitting in as a guest judge for American Idol?

I don’t really watch AI, until maybe the last 5 minutes of the last show. But I think Paula’s unique brand of Southern comfort and communicating could be a great addition to the show.

I do worry, though, about any platform for Paula that doesn’t involve loads of ham, fried tidbits and sugary treats being served at the end of every half hour. How WILL Paula make it through the slog of taping a show that doesn’t involve food? Maybe she’ll hide some ribs in her handbag or a pecan tassie under her belt.


Emily said...

Haha. She probably would...

Paula gets her germs in everything she cooks. She did stuff like that on Paula's Party all of the time and irritated me.

Sue said...

You're right about that. Didn't Paula feed every male guest on that show and have them eat off her face, I mean, fork?