Monday, November 9, 2009

Cake Boss - Mauro For Secretary Of State, Buddy Doesn’t Give Up And One Day Little Buddy Is Really Going To Get It

Cake Boss with Buddy Valastro

Robots, Roller Skates and Relatives

Buddy calls over all the robot fans in the bakery to plan a robot cake. A Hacker Collective (whatever in the world that is) is having a party and they want a working robot for a cake. Charles, the hacker ordering the cake, tells Buddy that hackers don’t steal identities. They take different items and get them to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Buddy says “Like ME with cake?” Chuck agrees. Buddy says they sound nuts.

Buddy is going to make a classic silver robot, but he hasn’t decided how to get it to move. Hey, where’s Tom, his new assistant? That would be weird if Buddy hired a personal assistant last week and then we never saw him again…

Buddy says the robot cake has to be light, so he’s making an Italian sponge cake with whipped cream. He tells us that it has to feed 150 people and that it will weigh around 70 or 80 pounds.

The bakers are also working on Buddy’s niece’s 8th birthday cake. Tessy (Teresa) is Remy and Lisa’s kid. She’s cute. She wants a cake with a crown and peace signs on it. AND she wants Uncle Buddy to roller skate in with the cake at her roller rink party. Buddy says he’s quite an adept roller skater. Okay, those weren’t HIS exact words. He said, “Come get some! I can roller skate!”

The crew is making a roller skate for the top of Tessy’s cake and covering it with modeling chaw-co-lot and then fahn-dahnt. And they use more modeling chaw-co-lot for the details.

Buddy brings in a remote control truck. He wants to put the cake on top of the chassis. He tests how much weight it can carry by adding 20 pound buckets of fahn-dahnt. The wheels don’t move.

Buddy saws up the truck and removes the back wheels to get to the motor. He builds a box for the cake to sit on and puts some wheels on THAT and hopes the motor will move the whole thing.

Wow! This is Buddy as carpenter/mechanic/engineer. He’s amazing. Oh, not so fast. When they put weight on it, it STILL doesn’t move.

He throws it in the corner and says they don’t got no more time. The people are just gonna get a robot that doesn’t move.

Could it be that the Cake Boss is really stumped? Why do I think he’ll pull it out in the end? He mutters about it all day long. “It ain’t gonna move. I don’t care.” “I’m gonna have a heart attack and kill somebody.”

Finally, Mauro, as the voice of reason, says, “WE (meaning Buddy) gotta think of something.” Then channeling Tim Gunn, which if you were looking at Mauro is a most amusing concept, Mauro says we have to make it work. “Frustrated is okay,” says Mauro, “but you told the people you were going to make it work.”

Mauro says softly, “You have to get more power in there. Is there any way to get more power to those back wheels?” He suggests getting another truck and using THAT motor too. Who would have thunk that Mauro would be quietly encouraging Buddy to think outside the box?

And that’s what Buddy does. He tries again by doubling the motor power. And does it work? They put 80 pounds on it and…”YEAH, baby, that’s how you make robot cake!” yells Buddy. Then he says, “Whoooooo told me it couldn’t get done?” YOU did, Buddy. YOU said it couldn’t get done. It took Mauro to give him that little extra push.

Little Buddy comes by and looks around. He asks all the bakers and cake decorators what they’re doing. “What’s that Dad,” he says to Mauro.

“It’s hot glue.”

“Can I feel it?”

Mauro says, “It’s HOT glue.”

Then “Little” Buddy decides he wants to go on a delivery with Ant-Knee. Little Buddy wants to ride shotgun, but Ant-Knee, to his credit, makes the kid ride in the back.

He pesters Ant with questions. Where are we going? Is it in Newark? Is it in Hoboken? Is it in New York? I would definitely pop him one if he were in my car. They’re going to Joisey City.

Are we almost there? Are we almost there??

Buddy, be quiet, Ant says.

Buddy responds by chanting, “SILENCE, SILENCE, SILENCE."

The kid is hilarious…as long as you don't have to keep the car on the road, while you're busy not smacking him. Ant makes him stay in the car while he drops off the cake.

Back in the shop, Danny and Buddy pretend to be robots as they’re working. They’re pretty bad at it.

The bakery is in full swing. Remy makes a tie dye fahn-dahnt. It’s quite beautiful. Really gorgeous.

Back in Joisey City, Ant gets back to the car and Little Buddy’s not there. He yells for Buddy. He runs around looking for him. He’s getting panicked.

We see Buddy sitting close by talking on his cell phone. As Ant is yelling at him to get in the car, Li’l Buddy keeps saying he had a lot of fun on the delivery. He finishes off by saying that he wants Chinese food. The kid is like a pint-sized (actually quart-sized) Shecky Greene.

Back at the bakery, they’re finishing the robot cake. They cut out different shapes for the gears and stuff and paint the whole thing with silver petal dust.

Toni is making Tessy’s roller blades in shades of pink. They put her name on the cake in sparkling letters.

Buddy gets his roller blades on and rolls around the bakery to get some practice before he has to carry the cake while skating.

They finish up the robot and Buddy decides it needs lights. They put little LED flashlights all over it. He turns out the lights and shows it to the crew.

“At the end of the day, not matter what, we prevailed.” Yeah. Buddy, you tell ’em.

The hacker party has a lot of weird people. Buddy says he don’t know where the hell he is. It’s not a typical party. He turns the lights on the robot cake and rolls it out. The computer nerds are delighted.

“This is how you build a robot, Hoboken-style, baby,” Buddy tells us. One of them wants to know if he can eat the antenna. Yup, says Buddy, it’s modeling chaw-co-lot. The hacker guy says Buddy has taken it into a third dimension.

Lastly, Buddy goes to the roller rink for the party. The whole family is there. We see Buddy wrestling a huge piece of pizza into his mouth. Buddy’s wife and kids are there.

Buddy puts his blades on and warms up. He starts skating like a pro. It’s like magic. “It’s like I’m back in my natural environment. I am skating like nobody’s business. I am a skating fool.” He says no way will he drop the cake.

Everyone is gathered waiting for Buddy. He hoists the gorgeously decorated cake up high in his hand. He skates across the entire rink holding it up strong and straight. He skates all the way to the table.

Just like Buddy said, it was awesome. He says the next thing is they’ll want him to deliver on a bicycle or unicycle.

By the way, Buddy never took off his chef’s whites. (I like that. When he's on duty, he stays in uniform.)

We see Mauro having a rather hard time for the two seconds he’s actually on skates. He gets off them fast.

Buddy says there’s nothing better than family...especially when that family can produce a cake for any occasion under the sun AND deliver it on eight wheels.


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

When I read "roller skates" I read "disaster". I kept thinking of the big cake and the staircase.

Dhanggit said...

I guess I agree with Buddy " there’s nothing better thann family...especially when that family can produce a cake for any occasion"

wish I have the same kind of family :-) hehehe that would come handy!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!