Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Single Most Favorite Idea From Gourmet

It wasn’t a even a big complicated recipe, it was this gorgeous photo on the November 2000 cover. I thought that surrounding a turkey with those little jewels of Lady Apples was the greatest, simplest, most appealing (and kind of cute too) idea for garnishing a roast turkey that I ever saw.

The directions are here and this Thanksgiving will be my 10th year finishing off my turkey platter like this. Strewing baked apples around a turkey isn’t revolutionary, but I appreciated it because it really spoke to me about what Thanksgiving food is all about - homey, delicious, manageable and lovely looking.

I imagine a Gourmet Thanksgiving issue has already been put to bed, so hopefully, there will be one more cover to admire and to learn from.


Anonymous said...

I assume this is a sort of "homage" to Gourmet since it is being shuttered for good as a publication.

Sorry to see it go.

Sue said...

Well, yeah!

It IS such a shame.

Emily said...

I love the idea of garnishing the turkey with the little apples. I remember you telling us about that in the past. If I ever cook my own Thanksgiving dinner, I will use that tip.

Sue said...

If you EVER do? Of course, you will. In the meantime, slip some Lady Apples in your mom's oven an hour before the turkey comes out and everyone will thank you! If she's deep frying it, that could be a problem.