Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cake Boss Does What He's Best At

Not too much family action on Cake Boss this week. 
I thought Grace was going to be in hot water. The order slip for a cream puff cake is lost and it seems like it's her fault. But, eventually, they find the cake and Grace stays out of trouble. That's NO fun. 

Speaking of water, Buddy has a fit when brown water starts coming out of the taps. Eww. He runs downstairs to one of the work rooms and tells everyone NOT to use the water. 

Moments later, we see Danny (he's the one with a moustache and always looks like he's up to his eyebrows in flour) pouring BROWN water into some mixture or other in a huge mixer. Buddy finds out and yells at him. 

The minute Buddy leaves the room, Danny yells at super-sized Frankie for telling him it was okay to use the water. He whimpers that it's all Frankie's fault that Buddy yelled at him. It's so funny that huge grown men are scared of being yelled at. I love it. 

Additional action comes from Mafiosa types who order a roulette wheel cake for "Da Boss". Buddy and the crew make an enormous table-sized, green base of cake and put a roulette wheel on top that actually spins. Buddy takes 2 of his biggest bakers with him when he delivers the cake, perfectly decorated to look just like a roulette table. The Boss looks at it for quite awhile before declaring it ok. Buddy breathes a sigh of relief and looks like he was saved from a firing squad. 

Other action: Stretch, the delivery boy, who people dump on all day, gets several deliveries wrong. He brings one cake a day too early. Then he delivers the wrong cake to two grooms. Stretch finally delivers the correct bordello-themed cake (red with gold brocade) in time and they're happy. 

Buddy is at his happiest when he's making a perfectly white, perfectly round three layer cake, decorated with brown branches and lots of gum paste cherry blossoms. He's thrilled with the way the branches look and he loves the final result when all the flowers are on.  

I said in an earlier post that I didn't care about the baking. I just wanted to see his crazy family. Let me revise that... 

Buddy is an artistic genius. I could watch him forever baking and decorating with such fluidity and grace that it belies his awkward exterior, but still...I kinda miss the family drama. 

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