Monday, May 25, 2009

It's A Sunny Memorial Day Plus A Look At Cake Making - Joisey Style

We're back from South Carolina. We made a quick stop elsewhere over the weekend, which I'll tell you about as soon as I can remove the red eyes from some seriously exciting pictures.
Happy Memorial Day!!! Cook for a veteran today, if you can, or take a moment to thank them for their service.

It was entirely appropriate that Air Force veteran, Sunny Anderson, appeared on GMA this morning, cooking in front of sailors and other service people in Times Square during Fleet Week.  

As usual, her cooking was easy and breezy. Her Flank Steak Fajitas looked seriously delicious and I loved her tip for knowing when flank steak is done. Sunny says it should feel supple like your bottom lip, not like the cartilage on the tip of your nose. (I usually use the nose test for knowing when chicken is done, though.)  

I'm going to try her Mexican Street Corn, too. I would serve mayonnaise at every meal if I could, so slathering it on grilled corn sounds good to me. By the way, that mayonnaise mixture is basically the same thing I love to dollop on a Spanish tortilla. I leave out the garlic salt and use LOTS of lime juice and chili powder.
I liked this recipe too - Berry Berry Fizz.

Following Sunny was baking whiz Buddy Valastro, whose new show is premiering tonight on TLC. I have a feeling many of Jon and Kate fans (detractors?) will catch Buddy, since he's sandwiched between 2 viewings of the hounded family's first episode of the new season. 

At first, I wondered how this show about a master baker with his strong Joisey accent could possibly compete with the fantastic Duff...and his crew of crazies, but I think Cake Boss may be a good one. 

It's a tale of an Italian-American boss of a family-run business with a wife, son and daughter living, loving, working and fighting in the wilds of New Jersey, not too far off the turnpike. Sound familiar? There are differences: The business is a bakery. His daughter is a beautiful, sweet six years old and little Buddy junior is a precious I'm hoping that the bloodshed will be kept to a minimum and only involve serrated knives and Disney band-aids. 

I've held off watching a preview episode, I'll watch tonight. Let's see how Buddy and his family do under the glare of the lights. I sure hope they have better luck than those other folks


Adam said...

Thanks for the welcome back Sue. It's glad you know I still have a few fans out there haha :)

I'm glad you had a great trip to South Carolina, but sadly I'm a little foggy in the restaurant area. I'm still finding out Raleigh for myself, foodwise. It has quite the wide range of cuisine. Biscuits and sushi, all in the same day :)

Sue said...

Hey Adam,
You're welcome!

Biscuits and sushi..same day, fine. Same meal? THAT might be a problem.