Thursday, April 16, 2009

And You Thought I Went On And On Only On MY Blog...

I had a wonderful opportunity, thanks to darling Em, to have an (electronic) conversation with the lovely Kate from A Merrier World in a series she’s doing on food bloggers. She asked questions and I answered them. And, boy, did I!

She was concerned about not being able to follow my blog, because she doesn’t have a television (!!!), PLUS she lives in England and wouldn’t have our same food shows anyway. But what she was really interested in was the process of food blogging. Somehow in her typed words, she just drew me out, which, admittedly, ISN’T like getting blood from a turnip. Still, she has an impressive way of posing things and I just ran with it.

If you have some time, a LONG time, take a look at her post here, as well as the rest of her blog, which features some great recipes, thoughts and beautiful pictures.

Kate, thanks so much for listening. As you learned, I can talk about blogging almost as much as food and food television.


DebCarol said...

Hey ... I checked out Kate .. what fun, she is amazing and likes alot of the same things I do. Left her a message. Thanks for linking her in to your blog!!

Emily said...

Great job!

You said it was long, but honestly I didn't notice and read right through it. I thought the interview was very interesting. I'm glad I nominated you!

Cynthia said...

This is what I said:

I’m still smiling because I can literally “hear” Sue as she responds to your questions Kate.

I’ve learnt and continue to learn so much from her and value her friendship very much.

It is no small feat also to ask the right questions that will reveal the answers that keep a reader interested and you have done an excellent job with the questions Kate.

Thanks for nominating me Sue. I hope I can live up to that sense of humour of yours

Sheila said...

That was awesome Sue!

I enjoy reading your blog so much I decided to start my own little blog. Though I'm only up to three posts and probably three readers.

Now that its warming up we need some of your expert advice on how to grill... :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved your interview with Kate. The more I read you the more I like you. The FN hosts are missing a whole lot by not reading your blog. I just can't understand that but good for Sunny.
With much admiration,
Nancy in Tucson

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That was awesome Sue! You are so good in interviews! So interesting. I agree with what Emily said over on Kate's blog FN should snap you up! :)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

As if you didn't entertain me enough with your hilarious and insightful posts! Thanks for participating in that interview and thanks to Emily for nominating you. That was very entertaining!

Sue said...

Hi DC,
Isn't Kate darlin'? I'm so glad I've made her acquaintance.

Hey Em,
You're the best! Thanks for passing me on to Kate.

You're so sweet. I know I'll enjoy Kate's chats with you.

Thank you! It sounds like you have a pretty great meat-maker in your house already.

Get busy blogging!

Hi Nancy,
I really appreciate your nice words. Thank you.

Thank you, Jenn! But please don’t hold your breath.

I LOVE my blogging buddies and that means you!

Tracy said...

I enjoyed your interview!

Tom said...

Hi Sue,

What fun to read the interview! And to get to know you a little better too. It makes me appreciate even more all the hard work you put into the blog, and I hope it brings you even more dedicated readers.