Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today, Giada Makes Lasagna

There was nothing revolutionary about Giada’s recipe for a classic lasagna on the Today Show this morning - it was a good all–purpose meat lasagna - but, boy, did it look good! Plus she made two interesting points about the noodles. In this case ONLY, she adds oil to the water, so the noodles don’t stick AND she rinses off the noodles to get rid of the excess starch.

Matt and Meredith were funny and at the same time quite earnest in assembling their lasagnas, in comparison to how Katheee Leee is with her constant interrupting during chef segments.

The Today Show’s site is so easy to use and navigate, unlike a certain food television network’s, that I know it IS possible to produce a useful website without tons of irritating features.


Lys said...

I almost hit TiVo this morning but didn't even see that Giada was going to be on in the description. :::sigh:::

Sue said...

Hi Lys,
That's what's so great about their website. The entire segment is online. It's the second link in my post or here:

Sheila said...

Giada has grown on me over the last few years. I really liked her lasagna roll-up recipe. It was so much easier to serve!

Thanks for the link to the show, Sue!

Sue said...

Hi Sheila,
This is MY lasagna roll recipe. It's similar to Giada's, but mine are cut in half after stuffing, so they look really pretty with their curly edges showing in the serving dish.


Sheila said...

Sue, I LOVE the idea of cutting them in half! Presentation is better and so is portion size. (Not that one really worries about portions when eating a creamy and rich lasagna.)

I always make lasagna at Christmas. (Weird, I know - but my in-laws insist on ORDERING pizza, so I feel I have to MAKE something!) Next time, I'll definitely cut in half and use your methods!