Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How’s THIS For A Headline? Iron Chef and Wife EACH Pregnant

I admit it took me a moment to process, until I remembered that Iron Chef Cat Cora is married to Jennifer Cora. Jennifer is pregnant with the couple’s third child, due 3 months before the Iron Chef is slated to give birth.

For those details lovers out there, all four children come from the same anonymous donor and they’re all boys. (I’m not sure the word sperm belongs on a food blog, but, oh well, I went and used it anyway.)

One more thing, which certainly doesn’t happen with every couple…Jennifer is carrying Cat’s baby and Cat is carrying Jennifer’s.

The only question I have about the entire matter is why, oh why, did the pregnant partners give the story to OK magazine? Wouldn’t this have been a great scoop for The Food Network Magazine? They could have developed an entire pregnancy menu around the news. That certainly would have been more noteworthy than a(nother) feature on cocktails from Aunt Sandy.


Tom said...

Other than that FN's magazine probably goes to print 7-8 months after the content is determined (not exactly a breaking news kind of thing), and OK is a whole lot faster, I can imagine that a lot of FN's audience isn't as open-minded as we'd like. Sad to say, Sue, they're not all like you!

DebCarol said...

I saw Cat Cora today on Oprah. Was a good show I thought. And Cat was glowing, she looked beautiful.
And to "Tom" who has been posting lately - I am enjoying your posts - Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Well that is an interesting way to do it! I guess it guarantees that, if they ever break up, neither of them will try to keep the other from the kid. If Cat screws Jennifer, Jennifer can screw her right back!

Emily said...

Ahaha - you're funny.

I wonder what kind of google searches you're going to get, now that you have "sperm" on one of your posts. I certainly get some interesting ones.

So, do you think the donor was David Crosby?

Sue said...

Okay, Tom,
Good point, but I still think a lot of people would be interested in a feature about healthy eating during pregnancy.

Anyone that has a problem with Cat probably wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. She can defend herself...but, of course, she shouldn't have to.

Hi DC,
I didn't think she looked particuarly pregnant, did you? She was fabulous with that family.

Yup, Tom is a sweetie. He runs a wine business and loves to cook, so he's quite knowledgable.

I prefer to think of it as an excellent way for each of them to bond with the baby that they don't have a genetic link to. I think it's a brilliant idea.

I really didn't think of that. Ew...

I didn't think of David Crosby either. That's funny. They said it was an anonymous donor, but who knows?

Anonymous said...

maybe i'm missing something, but if these two ladies were invitro'ed by the same anonymous donor, then what's the deal about carrying each other's baby?

is that even correct? that doesn't make sense to be able to make that claim. and it seems silly, pretentious and used only to make more PR about it, which this situation doesn't need.

Sue said...

Uh, Anon, an invitro baby needs a male AND a female component. Cat is carrying Jennifer's and the donor's baby and Jennifer is carrying Cat's and the donor's baby. Get it?

What is there to be correct and not correct about and how does being pretentious even come into it?

Anonymous said...


so swapping eggs isn't a publicity stunt? what was the point of doing that?

the media circus loves these two ladies. what do you think they'll try next?

squaring off on Iron Chef with breast milk as the secret ingredient?

Miranda said...

Love your site.
I also love Food Network and I just started my own blog.