Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rachael Highlights Daisy...

maybe to her own detriment

I’ve been watching Daisy Martinez’s show on the Food Network, Viva Daisy!, produced by Rachael Ray and it’s pretty good.

On her own show this morning, Rachael showcased Daisy beautifully. Daisy did a (wonderfully pronounced) Choripan, which is uncooked sausage without fennel, split down the middle and grilled until crispy. (In South America, she’d use the hard-to-find-here uncooked chorizo.) It's served on good, also crispy, bread and topped with an avocado salsa.

Now if only Rachael could give her own recipes a makeover! RR wanted to do a "sammie" as well, but her recipe was unattractive and unappealing. NO ONE likes sautéed green peppers, even if they are cubanelles. With these steamed anemic looking peppers, she cooked a bunch of brown ground meat and called it a Sloppy Joe. Really, how many sloppy joe recipes do we need?

If this had been a cook off, Daisy would have run away with the grand prize, leaving Rachael in the dust. Hers was much more appetizing, interesting and worth making. I guess it's good that Rachael is comfortable enough to have a clearly superior cook on with her. I think she should stick to videos of cleaning out viewers' closets.


SL said...

"NO ONE likes sautéed green peppers" ---- are you kidding?

Simply...Gluten-free said...

I guess RR really is comfortable with who she is. And I guess others are comfortable with her as well, by now she must be a bazillionaire!

Sue said...

Howdy SL,
I've written about before how much I detest sautéed green peppers and I did have quite a few assenters. Are you saying you like them? More than sautéed RED peppers? I just don't see it.

Hi Carol,
That's a much nicer way of putting it than I could ever do.

Obviously, now that Daisy is part of Rachael's stable, RR want to promote her, even if it puts her (RR) at a bit of a disadvantage.

And the truth is plenty of people like what Rachael cooks just fine (much to my chagrin).

Cynthia said...

I used to watch Daisy since she was on PBS. Haven't gotten a chance to catch her new show on FN.

Sue said...

Hi Cyn,
I'd love to know how the two shows compare.

jby said...

okay i officially have to stop watching viva daisy now that i know RR has something to do with it. i loathe and detest everything that hack cooks and does. byebye daisy

Sue said...


I KNOW! That put me off too. But I like Daisy and, let's face it, if RR came to you wanting to produce YOUR cooking show, wouldn't you take her up on it?