Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gordon Throws Rachael’s Food In The Garbage!

Okay, it’s called hyperbole, but a version of that DID happen. I’ll get to that in a second.

Gordon Ramsey sat down with Rachael Ray this morning. I wasn’t all that drawn to his way-too-tight shirt with necklace and designer (girl’s?) jeans, and his spiky, overly blonded hair.

Rachael had some audience members bring in their own dishes for the chef to taste. (I guess she was trying to avoid him getting near hers.) This was how he described one of them: Dry as “Gandhi’s flip flops.” Gosh, I wish the woman had spit in it. He did say there was nice chocolate tart and frittata. But he told one person to go back to cooking school.

I did like what he said in answer to how his restaurants were doing in the recession. He said one benefit is chefs finding a humbler approach to ingredients.

Talking about his family, he mentioned that his kids make him use a swear jar in the kitchen. Boy, that would buy a few college educations.

Gordon and Rachael went over to the kitchen. He picked up her beach towel pot holder things. He began to make a face and Rachael kept talking and I guess he thought better of it and put it down without saying anything.

So now, THIS was the headline grabbing incident. Gordon was talking about using sweet potatoes in different ways. All of a sudden, he swept a piled of prepared sweet potatoes that were on the counter INTO RR’S GARBAGE BOWL. He obviously thought this tacky looking thing was a mixing bowl and, luckily, it was empty. Nothing was said and they went on with the recipe. Plus, she actually used the expression “cheap and cheerful”.

Gordon mostly got on with it, but RR did pipe in every once in awhile. The truth is it may be that SHE has something to teach him about mogul-dom, so maybe he was hoping to bask in her reflected glory.

One positive note – in marked contrast to the Food Network website, Rachael’s website(s) are amazingly easy to use. They are organized well, it doesn’t take a million clicks to get where you want to go AND there are no pop-ups. What more could you ask? Okay, decent recipes, but let’s not be fussy.


Emily said...

Oh no! I can't believe Gordon didn't know of her garbage bowl! He should've known better.

I'm oddly at peace with Rachael Ray. I don't know when it happened.

David Driscoll said...

Is the actual segment with Gordon Ramsay and Rachael Ray available on the website - all I could find was the pre stuff and backstage questions??

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Boy I guess Ramsey's really having some personal troubles if he needs to boost his sagging career by going on that train wreck.

I suppose he could have been kinder to the audience members, but then again, but what else do you expect from him? I wouldn't want him tasting my food and spitting it out the way he sometimes does on the restaurant shows. I'd be terrified to feed him any of my cooking!

Cynthia said...

Gordon it too much to take in sometimes.

Mo Diva said...

whoa, how does one not know about the garbage bowl?

Sue said...

It was a shocking moment. I have no problem with RR, except when she goes into the kitchen.

Hi David,
No, it's not. The Today Show does a good job of putting their cooking segments on their website, but this particular visit with Gordon is only in recipe form.

You're so right, Rachel,
I'd run for miles - taking my food with me - if he were even in the same zip code. That's why it's funny to watch his English Kitchen Nightmares. He's much nicer and more supportive.

Hi Cyn,
I know exactly what you mean. His incredibly tight clothing doesn't help...

I know!

Tracy said...

I laughed out loud at your final comment. I tried watching Rachael Ray for awhile but just couldn't take it.

Sue said...

Hi Tracy,
You have MUCH better things to do!