Monday, February 2, 2009

Danny Boome – The New Bachelor

No, not THAT Bachelor, THIS Bachelor.

For no discernable reason, Regis and Kelly are hosting a Win A Date With A Bachelor Contest. Oh, maybe it’s for Valentine’s Day, but they didn’t really make that clear on the show.

They told us that Danny is a 33 year old eligible bachelor who loves kids. Does he really need publicity this badly? Actually, I think he’s adorable (just with the wrong vehicle of a show), so that’s okay with me.

(Some commenters have told me he’s surly, but so am I when confronted with idiots in the kitchen. I only said that last part, because some poor person that was on his show wanted to let me know she wasn’t as pathetic as the editing made her seem.)

The other bachelor they’re shilling is a bit of an odd choice, even more so when you learn that he’s on the road all the time and really has no time for dating.

I think I’ll help old Reege and Kelly out with this survey. (I added one more bachelor to the mix.)

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Emily said...

I would date Danny.