Saturday, February 14, 2009

Classic Valentine's Day Treat - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These are so easy to make. The hardest part is picking the strawberries. You can have these made in the time it takes for your Valentine to pick up some flowers. (Champagne wouldn't hurt either.)

For a contrasting look to your chocolate covered strawberries, use white AND dark chocolates. It's probably better to start with the white unlike what I did here...

Melt 4 oz. white chocolate with 1 tablespoon of Crisco. (Using JUST chocolate gets too gloppy.) The Crisco gives you a nice smooth dippable texture and it will harden nicely. Stir well and just before you're ready to dip, put the bowl back in the microwave for 10 seconds. Lean the bowl on the edge of a coaster to make a deeper pool of chocolate in which to dip. Dip half the strawberry at a sharp angle, then lay gently on wax paper. Let sit for at least 15 minutes.

For a contrasting look, melt 4 oz. dark chocolate in the same way with 1 tablespoon of Crisco. Dip the opposite side of the strawberry at the same sharp angle. Let sit to harden for 15 or 20 minutes.

Reheat chocolates and drizzle over the dipped strawberries. Let sit on wax paper until ready to serve.

Do NOT refrigerate for best results. Make them and serve the same day. Refrigerate leftovers, but strawberries will get a bit mushy and chocolate will get hard.

Variations: Dip strawberries in just one chocolate and use the other to drizzle over. Or dip and drizzle in same chocolate.


Sheila said...

This is one of my favorite treats! I never have thought to use crisco though. I have all the ingredients on hand so I'll give it a go! Thanks Sue - Wish me luck on the fish today!

Sheila D.

Lys said...

Same here with the Crisco idea. What a great treat!

Emily said...

I made these too! I used white and dark chocolate also. I tried your Crisco tip. It's the way to go, seriously.

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day!

Nice music.

Sue said...

Hi Sheila,
I hope the fish and the forbidden rice were wonderful!

Good luck with the strawberries too!

Try it Lys,
It's soooooo easy.