Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Is Scarier? The Queen Of Schlock Or The King Of Bad Face Lifts

Sandra Lee, looking lovely and Mickey Rourke, NOT, were on the Today Show and GMA at exactly the same time this morning. THIS is what I saw on my split screen television.

Pretty wacko.

I suppose it goes without saying that Sandra’s Sem-EYE Homemade Baked Ham - with every store-bought product rubbed on and poured over - is much worse than Mickey Rourke’s chat about his award nomination garnering performance in The Wrestler. Although I must say that THESE shots of him

DID scare me almost as much as Sandy using cake mix AND pre-cooked sweet potatoes for cheesecake bars. Her ham recipe wasn’t actually that bad, but it did look unnaturally red.

Superb, as usual, was the Contessa on the Today Show a bit later, showing Mer how to make Jeffrey’s Roast Chicken.

We didn’t have the obnoxious interruptions of Chris Cuomo or Katheee Leee, but they didn’t give Ina much time.

She did manage to fit in a really gorgeous pasta dish AND a quick toast with pomegranate Cosmos.

Note to self: I have to remember, when shaving Parmesan, to make each strand as long as possible, as Ina did. It looks luxurious and just a few will do the trick.


DebCarol said...

Who is scarier?? The King of Bad Face Lifts for sure. Yikes!! I've been hiding under the bed ever since I saw this post. Please Sue ~ this is a joyous season remember?? - not Halloween!

Sue said...

It was just so jarring, I had to share it, but you're right, DC, that's not a good sight at holiday time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for ending this with Ina! I would have had bad dreams for days!

;) amy

Nikki said...

I just realized this very moment that the rason why Sandra Lee is on TV is because there are so many people out there that cook like her. Box mixes and silly decorations are all they know. I don't know why it took me this long to figure it out. I did a cooking demo this week at a library using the county's cookbook that was published 2 years ago. Every. Single. Recipe...had some kind of box cake mix, liquid smoke, canned ham, pre-cooked vegetable or something in it. I really did not know people cooked like this until this week. For shame. On me, this time

Emily said...

I think I know what ham you're talking about.
I watched her holiday show the other night. I think it called for cranberry sauce in the recipe.

linda said...

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