Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I’m thinking about all the giving and getting that we all do at this time of year. And sometimes I think I take the big things for granted – an incredibly hard working husband, healthy and great kids, a household with no layoffs, freedom of speech, democracy and all that.

But, it’s funny, the little things, I DO appreciate…on a daily basis.

I may be nuts, but my most adored possession was a blue plastic coated shopping bag that my son got in college for recycling papers. He never used it and I commandeered it for groceries.

It’s probably beyond strange how I delighted in so small a thing, but it held lots, was very strong and had a flat bottom that made it a snap to load. I thought of my son every time I used it (many times a week). When a jar of anchovies and its oil spilled all over it, I tried to salvage it by washing it over and no avail. And I just couldn’t risk anchovy smell all over everything from eggs to paper napkins, so I had to toss my favorite bag.

I also love my insignia-d coffee mug (I have three now) from that same child’s college. I love the size, the color and, of course, that it’s from him.

My husband is probably sorry he gave me super thick terry cloth pot holders one year, that I refuse to get rid of, even though they’re unraveling and full of burn marks. I may add new ones, but I never get rid of those.

One Christmas, my daughter gave me a spectacular spatula. Yes, I said spectacular! It’s modern looking and sleek and chic AND it works beautifully! It scrapes every last bit of whatever out of whatever. I love it.

I hope, even if times are tough and big things are out of reach this year, that you find joy in some of the smaller things in life, bought and not bought. Appreciating your family and friends is free and can be yours all year long.

To my blogging buddies and my treasured readers, have a wonderful holiday. I hope all your dreams come true. And I really hope Santa remembers my $2.99 lettuce knife.


jackiecat said...

Merry Christmas Sue! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

DebCarol said...

You captured the true spirit of the season with this post Sue ~ truly it is the small things that make the lasting impressions ......Because they are the gifts that come from the heart. May your holiday be bright and full of memories ~ we out here in the blogosphere appreciate every little thing you do!!

Emily said...

Good post. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Sue said...

Thanks so much. I hope you had a great holiday.

You are the sweetest! I really appreciate the time you take to comment.

Thanks Em,
I did!