Friday, October 3, 2008

Throat Scare For Rachael

Rachael Ray is going to have minor surgery for a benign growth on her vocal cord in December, according to a spokesman and is NOT being treated for throat cancer.

It's a shame if that's how she'll be spending her Christmas break, because she could probably use a bit of a vacay. Apparently none of the production schedules of her gazillion shows will be affected...I hope she doesn't forget the chicken stoup.*

* Thanks, Colleen. See comment below.


Potato Chef said...

Let's pray that Rachael is going to be ok.

judi.0044 said...

Sources say Rachael, family, and friends are currently in Italy celebrating her third wedding anniversary.

Sue said...

Hi PC,
It appears to be not terribly serious, although any procedure is always a worry.

I'm certainly not a fan of RR's cooking, but I wish her vocal cords well.

Hi Judi,
Yeah, I saw that, so I imagine she's doing just fine.

Just as an people usually take their entire families along to celebrate a wedding anniversary?

Emiline said...

I hope she gets better.

I had heard she was a smoker, but I'm not sure about that.

Sue said...

One more reason not to smoke...

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

It's funny how right after reading your blog I was in the market and saw the splashy Enquirer headline about her supposed throat cancer.

Her press squad denies that she smokes, but people on the street and insiders at the network says she's a regular chimney. Still, vocal nodes are usually caused by improper overuse of the voice, rather than by smoking.

Colleen said...

Wouldn't that be chicken sToup? ;)

Sue said...

Hey Rach,
Yeah, I could see how she would be a smoker. Interesting that THAT'S the one thing you don't get from smoking.

That's hilarious! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!!! In fact, it's MY blog. I'm changing it.