Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Videos For Your Delight - Sandy Celebrates Kwanzaa; Iron Chef Japan and A Whole Lot Of Massacred Vegetables

Some Might Call Them Sculpted

I usually don't watch random online videos. I find them annoying. I hate the time it takes to load and the "buffering", whatever that is. Give me the written word everytime and I'm happy. However, sometimes I make an exception.

Rachel brought this "recipe" to my attention. I should wait until December, but I can''s just too good. It's Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake and it's vintage Sandy. Watch here.

It is hilarious and really awful - from the combination of the spongy, squooshy angel food supermarket cake and the canned icing (which is actually the best ingredient... given the others) to the canned pie filling, which is the final coup de grĂ¢ce.

The best part is when she jams the Kwanzaa candles, which are big, into the top of the angel food cake (who puts candles, much less 1/2 inch thick ones, into an angel food cake?) and you wait to see them fall over. Strangely, they don't... not even when she cuts into the cake and it momentarily squishes down like a pillow and then bounces back up.

One more thing - are you really supposed to EAT the acorns (?!) that she douses on at the end? Another great one, Aunt Sandy!

Who doesn't love Iron Chef Japan? Next week on the Fine Living Network, they're featuring Attack of the Vegetables with the Iron Chefs doing all kinds of exotic things with vegetables. Hold on, that sounds wrong...TO vegetables is better. What I REALLY would like to see is the vegetables fighting back and attacking the Iron Chefs.


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Attack of the vegetables? That sounds like some kind of Ed Wood movie.

Glad you enjoyed the Kwaanza cake. If anyone saw that recipe without knowing who Sandra Lee was or what she did, I don't think anyone would believe it. I love reading the reviews on the FN site. They tend to delete a lot of negative reviews on that site, but this one has so many negative reviews that if they deleted them all there would be nothing left. Whatever possessed her to make this? Did she make some kind of Faustian deal? "I'll make you a millionaire as long as you're willing to go on TV and say with a straight face that angel food cake, cinnamon-and-syrup-laced canned frosting, apple pie filling, popcorn, corn nuts, and pumpkin seeds are a legitimate dessert."

Oh, and about the potato thing, I'm not sure that it made a hugely noticeable difference to steam them. It's nice to know I can peel and cut them ahead of time without having to worry about them absorbing too much water (I gave them the empty hot pot treatment anyway though). Texturally they weren't all that different from boiled, but I think they mashed a little easier.

Emiline said...

What the...

That has to be the most bizzare cake I've ever seen. Why are there acorns? Why would you put those candles on it? How could that possibly taste good?

She doesn't seem very happy.

Sue said...

Hi Rach,
I know. It sounds really scary. Maybe they're genetically modified vegetables and they're as big as houses and the Iron Chefs will have to call in reinforcements. We'll just have to see...

And a deal with the devil has to be the ONLY reason that she could have come up with that cake.

Interesting about the potatoes.

You are so funny. Actually, I don't want your young ears or eyes to see things like that. It might scar you for life.