Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poor Giada Copes As Matt Lauer Tries To Poison America

More about that in a second.

Giada had a lovely segment on The Today Show this morning. She talked about her love of lemons (she’s pictured with one on her new book cover).

In the VERY few minutes allotted to her, she showed us a gorgeous looking risotto, which was interestingly finished with mascarpone along with Parmesan, parsley and lemon rind. She served it in lemon cups, which looked fresh and inviting.

Giada also quickly showed us how she tops a veal chop (does anyone still eat veal?) with lemon slices and wraps it in prosciutto. That would be good for chicken or even a portobello mushroom. We got a quick glimpse of iced lemon cookies before the computer switched us to a commercial. The recipes are here.

Now about Matt. Forget the Governor of Alaska (fast forward to 1:30 minutes in this video), Matt Lauer said the dumbest, most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard during Giada’s appearance yesterday, when she showed us Italian kids’ recipes.

Giada was marinating chicken legs in a ziplock plastic bag. She said to marinate them about 2 hours. Matt said, “So you marinate them at room temperature for 2 hours?” and he rushed on to the next thing. Giada, with great restraint, said "It’s RAW chicken, you marinate it in the fridge." He said, "Oh, 2 hours is a bit long", realizing what an idiot he had been and he looked a bit sheepish.

Only then did Giada laugh out loud in acknowledgement of his potentially rather large error. She was more than gracious, though, even when he told her that her, as yet, unglazed chicken didn’t look all that appetizing.

Giada has gotten a lot more comfortable on the Today Show. Both of her segments were excellent. Fun to see were the clips of Jade in the intro video yesterday. Even better, though, were when Todd and precious Jade came out to say hello. THAT is a beautiful baby and really, we all know, that not all babies are.


Adam said...

Wow, that did take quite the restraint on her part... good for her. Did she even laugh? That would of been tough to hold back :)

Emiline said...

OH. WHY did you make me look at that ugly baby? :)

I think the lesson here is, don't ever let Matt Lauer cook. Unless you want salmonella.

Did you watch the winner of Build a Better Burger on the Today Show the other day? Her burger sounded great - it was Hawaiian.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Giada can be quite snappish when she wants to be (TNFNS anyone?). I would bet she had trouble not letting fly on Matt.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I haven't eaten veal since I was in high school with only a couple of exceptions (like when the only other option was seafood).

I know the exact risotto recipe you're talking about. I saw it on one of her shows and made it a few times. It's pretty good. My brother has even requested that I bring it to parties at his place.

Maria said...

I saw the lemon segment. The risotto did look tasty and I love those lemon cookies, we have made them before. Matt is an idiot:)

Sue said...

Hi Adam,
She actually laughed uproarously.

That was the BEST of the ugly baby pictures I found!

Yes to the Matt lesson and no I didn't see the burger winner. Does a Hawaiian burger mean that it was made from whale meat and served on a poi-smeared bun?

Hi Rach,
Yeah, she had no patience for TNFNS, but she knew not to snap at Matt. It was so obvious that he was an idiot that it wasn't necessary.

Veal seems to be a common never-eat item.

Your brother has good taste. Mine would probably be happy with Rice-A-Roni.

Hi! We agree about Matt, although I don't normally hate him. Those cookies did look GOOD!