Monday, September 1, 2008

There IS One Acceptable Use For Pimentos

In a post last week complaining about Robin's dull recipes, I completely dissed her use of roasted red peppers and remarked that I detest pimentos. I forgot that there is one place that I do find them acceptable; and that's in the center of olives to be used in Chicken Marbella – the now classic chicken, prune and caper recipe from the original Silver Palate Cookbook. They don't specifically say to use them, but they add a bit of red that's really dashing. Aside from that, my pimento ban stands!

if you’ve never tried Chicken Marbella, YOU MUST. It sounds weird, especially mixing prunes with capers and THEN sprinkling over brown sugar before cooking the whole thing, but it is really divine.

I don’t follow the recipe exactly, I just throw in handfuls of what’s called for. And you certainly don’t need to use 10 pounds of chicken! But do double the chicken you think you need, because it’s soooo good the next day.

Plus even if I’m using a lot less chicken than what’s called for in the recipe, I only halve all the other goodies, because they’re so delicious. The recipe calls for one cup of prunes, for example, but I always use at least ½ cup, no matter how little chicken I’m making. Oh, and don’t bother with the oil. I haven’t missed it once in the 17,000 times I’ve made this.

Serve it with orzo to sop up the amazing juices from all those strange things together. Questions?


Emiline said...

Wait! You forgot about pimento cheese.

This looks delicious...the salty olives and the sweet prunes. Mmm.

Sue said...

Oh no, I didn't...

Yeah, it IS soooooooo good. Ask your grandmother about the recipe. She should remember it.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a great dish to have in the freezer and ready to cook when you need it -- and it feeds a crowd, too, for a sit-down dinner or a buffet.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I kept hearing about chicken marbella, and thought I should try it, but then I saw the recipe and the olives stopped me.

I have the Silver Palatte Good Times Cookbook, which has introduced me to some acceptable subsitutes for chicken marbella though.

Sue said...

Right you are.

When you read this (or at your next available moment) go right into your kitchen and make Chicken Marbella. Just leave out the olives. And the next cookbook you buy (or get given) should be The original Silver Palate Cookbook.

Okay, I'm finished ordering you around...for the moment.

The Spiteful Chef said...

I still believe that pimentos only have one use, and it's flicking them at other patrons of your chosen dining establishment. I feel the same about capers. Can I use garlic stuffed olives in this Marbella you speak of?

Sue said...

Yes, Spiteful, you may. ANY kind of olives, even UNstuffed, are fine. But the recipe is really good with green ones, which I just realized I don't like any other time but in Chicken Marbella.