Monday, September 15, 2008

Skewers and A Bundt Pan Come In Handy

I made far too much corn for dinner the other night, so for the leftovers I decided to use Michael Chiarello's trick of cutting it over a bundt pan, which catches all the kernels beautifully.

When MC does it though, it seems as if his corn cob fits in the hole in the center. Mine didn't. But that was okay, it was easy to hold it steady on top of the bundt pan.

In another vein, I like to use this truc to get potatoes to bake faster...and better. I skewer them with metal skewers.

As the skewer gets hot, it cooks the middle faster and helps to make a fluffier potato. I've seen metal racks with upright metal stakes to hold the potatoes, that do the same thing as the skewers, but actual skewers are much more versatile. I use them for testing cakes and potatoes for donesness, as well as other vegetables. Plus, they're great for kebab type things with meat or vegetables, of course. Bamboo skewers can burn and break.

I always keep them handy. I admit I wanted an excuse to show you my knife holder AGAIN, but really, it does keep them nearby and makes them easy to get to.


Lunch Buckets said...

I do like that knife holder! I've been keeping my eyes open for a suitable container that I can fill myself with skewers :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I love that corn cutting trick - thanks for reminding me that I seriously need a bundt pan! :)
Great knife holder too! I loved this post - full of great tips!

Skye M said...

Oh oh! I got a Kapoosh knife block for a wedding gift and it is the coolest thing ever - I had never thought of putting my skewers in there. Great idea!

Mandorichard said...

I'll have to try the skewer trick. Nuked potatoes and sweet potatoes are OK, but a real baked sweet potato..... Yum...........

Emiline said...

Greetings from the Newark airport!

I really like this tip.

Sue said...

Hi Lunch Buckets,
I’ve seen a few do it yourself versions of that knife holder. Here is one:

Thanks Jenn,
Yes, a bundt pan is a necessity, even if we only use it once a year.

Hi Skye,
I’d never heard of the Kapoosh holder before. Thank you for mentioning it. Here is a great site I found:

It’s cool that you can take out the insert and wash it, but wouldn’t it take days to dry? And then don’t you risk storing the knives in a wet environment? It’s very cool, though.

Yes Mandorichard,
That crispy skin is hard to beat.

I just hope you're not sitting there much longer than you hoped.

Angie said...

I love your knife holder!!!
I am not sure where I have left all my skewers!!!

Sue said...

Thanks, Angie.