Sunday, September 21, 2008

One More Thing...

I forgot to mention one little tiny thing about my lunch with Emiline. We saw (AND SPOKE TO) to 2 HUGE stars. Okay, one intermediate one and one big television honcho, but BOTH connected to the FOOD NETWORK. The first I noticed when I initially walked in. I just thought there’s a cute guy, without realizing who it was. THEN I heard him order something and I knew instantly that it was the very, good looking in person, Danny Boome!

THEN, guess who his luncheon companion was! IT WAS PERFECT! It was none other that Bob Tuschman! I craned my neck until it was permanently twisted, but I COULD not hear a word they said.

The minute Em came in, I said “EM!!! Look who's here!” I told her she had to throw herself in front of them when they left and I would get a picture. I said just tell Danny how much you love his show. “BUT,” she protested, “I’ve never seen his show.” "HUSHHHHHHHHHHHH," I hissed, "HE doesn’t know that. Just DO IT."

So what if I don’t love Danny’s show? I’ve always said HE is wonderful (mostly...well, sometimes), he just needs another vehicle for his obvious good looks…talent, I mean.

I practically hurled Em in his path as he got up and, of course, he loved it.

Here's the proof:

We didn't discuss our was better to remain mysterious fans who had had a special moment. I have a feeling that he’ll always remember Emiline as the sweet young fan who approached him…oh yeah, and her REALLY pushy friend.

PS Emiline, THAT'S how you remember it, isn't it?


Emiline said...

Ehhhhhhh I look horrible. My hair! Ohhhh.

But this is too funny not to post!
*Note to readers:
I usually look better than this, but it was a stressful morning. I got lost trying to find the culinary school where I was visiting, then I had to find my way to the restaurant, which was actually really far away, and I had been walking for an hour.

Sue said...

Oh please!!! You look adorable...and Danny certainly thought so. Have you Facebooked him yet? (Or whatever the expression is that you youngsters use...)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Em looks great and what fun. I don't know if I would have the nerve to do something like that. You crazy gals!

Emiline said...

Yes. I sent him a message, and he messaged me back. He said, Where's our picture??

Anonymous said...

You look great, Emiline, but Danny definitely benefits from makeup and good camera angles on television, I'd say. While most of us wouldn't survive the upward camera angle, one does expect better from a former model.

I don't enjoy his show, I only saw one OK episode where the victim was obviously savvy enough not to allow him to treat her like a simpleton, and so he toned it down enough to be bearable.


Anonymous said...

I saw you on URS and was so happy that Chef Psalakis loved your food. I wish you well in culinary school and know that one day you will be a famous Chef yourself. The combinations you used on the show exhibited a natural talent for complimentary tastes and as the judges stated, that is something that cannot be learned.
All the best,
A retired Chef