Saturday, July 5, 2008

Latest Rachael Ray News

RR's accountant is suing her show. Not for monies owed or anything like that, but for having to work in a hostile environment. Apparently his anorexia was spurned and ridiculed by his supervisor.

I think the most interesting part of the story is that an anorexic would WANT to work for Rachael Ray in the first place. (Of course, ANYONE with ANYTHING should be able to work ANYWHERE, if he or she can perform the job.)

Even someone with normal eating habits could get a bit ill after watching how to stuff a meatloaf into a hamburger and top it off with some ground turkey for a figure-friendly finish.


Emiline said...

Oh gross - that's way too much meat.

I'm not really sure what to think of this. Kind of like the Rachael Ray terrorist thing. It's ridiculous.

Sue said...

The only reason it got any publicity at all, of course, is because it's Rachael Ray's show he's suing. Working there could turn anyone into an anorexic...