Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cupcakes Galore

I sent a close personal friend cupcakes for her birthday and I must share with you how phenomenal the experience was. Being able to actually taste the cupcakes MYSELF would have enhanced the whole thing, but that is a little hard 3000 miles away.

I searched far and wide for cupcakes by mail. Mrs. Beasley's kept coming up, until it was undeniable that they would have to be my purveyors. The only reason I was even hesitating was that I wanted to order Poppers, their adorable miniature cupcakes and you have to CALL for those, instead of doing it all online.

I found an actual retail location 4 miles from their eventual destination. It was no problem whatsoever to order them over the phone, including choosing any combination whatsoever of their millions of flavors. They were even hand delivering them (because I had smartly called the one that was so close.)

BUT uh-oh, a huge problem arose. After all my planning and calling and choosing and being completely delighted with myself, I found that the birthday person wasn't going to be in her office THAT day - the very next day as it happened!!!

I ran to call Mrs. Beasley, but she had gone home for the day and didn't have an answering machine. I called her at the crack of dawn the next day. No answer. I called her every 15 minutes and finally at 7:40 am (her time) I got the same lovely lady with whom I had placed the order.

I asked if we could postpone the order by one day. She said absolutely no problem, she hadn't even baked them yet (so there were really going to be fresh, fresh, fresh) and she would just deliver them the next day.

It went off without a hitch. And FOUR dozen (did I mention my "friend" was my beautiful 20-something daughter?) cupcakes arrived promptly that next day in these flavors:

Red Velvet
Chocolate Ganache
Classic Vanilla Buttercream
Rich Peanut Butter Cup
Lavish Lemon (with, you could just die, LEMON CURD in the middle. YUM!)
Chocolate with Vanilla Icing

Not only did they look good, she and her friends proclaimed them delicious, although I'm not sure if I approve of their accompanying beverage.


Emiline said...

Oooh! They're so cute! I'm happy that we get to see what they look like. Did your daughter take pictures? That's so cool. What a good daughter you have.

Cupcakes go best with Keystone Light, I agree.

Happy Birthday to her!

Pumpkin said...

Maybe the cupcake frosting kills the taste of the Keystone Light? I do see a bottle of wine in the background of the photo- there is some hope!

judi.0044 said...

Ahh - Mrs. Beasley's Miss Grace Lemon cake was the main layer for our daughter's wedding cake at her husband's request. Unfortunately most of the attendees desired chocolate and fought over the that layer. However, not a crumb was left and they received a free small cake a year later for their anniversary.

Sue said...

Hi Em,
Thank you! Yeah, she's a good egg.

Hi Pumpkin,
I hope you're right. The wine is probably Two Buck Chuck, so the beer might be a better choice.

Oh Judi,
That's nice to know that their cakes are good too. I would definitely have wanted the lemon cake (too), AND I guess I could have had seconds.

Tracy said...

Oh yum, what a great idea. I would love to receive cupcakes on my birthday. I may have to use that idea sometime.

And I have to disagree ... even as a 40-something, there's not much that doesn't work with beer (or vice versa).

Sue said...

Hi Tracy,
I agree. Cupcakes are a great gift ANYTIME!

I don't get the beer thing with cupcakes. Now champagne and I'm there...