Monday, June 30, 2008

Jade's Mommy Is Back!

Yup, Giada made her triumphant return to The Today Show, warmly welcomed by Matt, Amy and a few old ladies sticking around outside the studio after 9 o'oclock. (No, actually, there were the usual crazies hanging out.) She looks amazing, less zoftig if possible. The best part was the baby pictures. That is one beautiful baby. How could she not be?

Giada did a segment with Eric Ripert, where he cooked in a toaster oven. He touted it as being really fast, but really, you could do the exact same thing in a conventional oven in probably less time and certainly not more.

I guess his point is that it's fun for kids to cook in a small oven AND it doesn't heat up the kitchen as much. Ok, I get that, but everything came out looking a little steamy.

Also, it doesn't hurt that Cuisinart seems to be all over his web page with their industrial looking (over $200) toaster oven. And isn't he getting out of the kitchen a bit too much these days? I don't want anyone else barely cooking my Kindai Maguro when I go to Le Bernardin. Aahhh, he probably wasn't doing it anyway, so I guess he might as well get out a bit.

These are the recipes. Kinda obvious, but at least we got to see Eric and Giada in the same frame. Now THOSE would be some babies...


Emiline said...

Eric Ripert is so tan, pretty and perfect.

I want to see that baby Jade. Are there pictures? I might have missed them.

Sue said...

They showed pictures of Jade on Today, but I felt a little shady posting them. I'll leave that to her mother.