Friday, June 13, 2008

Fried Watermelon And Another Glimpse Of Chef Floyd Cardoz

After my brush with the innovative chef earlier this week, I was happy to see my old friend, Floyd Cardoz on the Today Show this morning.

In honor of Father's Day, he was preparing an intriguing Watermelon Curry with his two sons. He made a sauce based on plenty of wonderful spices and watermelon purée to serve with halibut. And THEN, he sautéed pieces of watermelon to add to the curry. THAT would be a unique Father's Day dinner.

I would be more inclined to add tequila to a blender full of watermelon purée than warm spices, but, actually the two would go together terrifically well.


Emiline said...

Mmm...watermelon margarita.

Alilson said...

I go back every summer for the watermelon curry. Delicious.

Sue said...


Well, Alilson,
Now you can make it yourself.

Anonymous said...

i love this recipe. I appreciate you sharing this.


Sue said...

Hi Jay,
Thanks for stopping by!

You are most welcome.