Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clotilde Cooks On Today

Everyone's favorite food blogger, Clotilde Dusoulier, was on the Today Show this morning, wearing an oh-so-French little gray knit top with white polka dots. Adorable. She made a divine chocolate and pear tart that could be made in minutes (if you don't count the pastry shells, which were baked blind). The recipe is from her new book, Edible Adventures in Paris, which looks like a winner. Host Natalie's only complaint, as she cooked according to Clotilde’s directions, was that C.D. was wasting that wonderful rum and sugar poaching liquid for the pears.

Why not suggest keeping it in the fridge until your next glass of champagne for a delicious Kir Royale Poire? I may make THIS just to get THAT. (Yes, I know it’s not poire liqueur, but it will be delectable nonetheless.)

I had encountered Clotilde recently in the May Bon Appétit travel issue, where, to my delight, she wrote about the Canal St. Martin, which I had just discovered weeks earlier on my last (and H really means my LAST) trip to Paris. There was gorgeous picture of the canal and some wonderful restaurant suggestions. Félicitations, Clotilde!


Emiline said...

She's so cute and interesting. I really admire her.

Sue said...

She's pretty flawless...