Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ray's Ratings Recede

The Huffington Post is a useful site for all kinds of information and opinions. Along with the latest news and political chit chat, we can also get up to the minute goings-on in the pressing matter of whether or not The Rachael Ray Show will be cancelled.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported, rather breathlessly, that her numbers were way down. They made it seem imminent that she was being yanked off the air. Well, the show has already been renewed through 2010 and apparently every talk show has suffered a ratings decline this year, except…Dr. Phil.

I personally don’t care if it’s on the air or not. But if it is, I wish it were only a half hour long and they got rid of anything resembling a cooking segment.

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Emiline said...

I've never seen her talk show before. I'm proud of myself.
I accidentally watched part of her "Tasty Travels" the other day. Oops.

Cynthia said...

I've only ever watched like 5 mins of 1 of her shows.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

It's not nice to indulge in schadenfreude, but I can't say I'd weep for the end of that show. It was a bad idea - a disaster from the beginning. She doesn't have good interviewing skills (she makes everything is all about her) or good on-camera skills in general. Being an expert on nothing doesn't qualify you to host a show about everything. The show was boring and really rather uninformative.

I wouldn't be surprised if they yanked it because I think once the initial burst of popularity the show got from the popularity of its host, there was nothing left to keep people tuned in.

Emiline said...

P.S. Did you see that RR had a show on cooking pet treats?

Sue said...

Oops is right!!! But at least she wasn't cooking.

Good girl!

Well, it may not be nice, but gloating is fun! I still contend her talk show (except when she's behind the stove) is in no way as bad as 30 minute meals.

I saw that it was on, but I didn't see it. I think her dog is fat, isn't he? It's one thing to stuff ourselves, but it's abuse to cause a dog to be overweight. They don't open the fridge themselves, after all, except in extrme circumstances.

debzy said...

what is the big deal about Rachel Ray anyway? Seems like every 5 minutes she has another show less would make me happy

Sue said...

Hi Debzy,

ONE less?!!