Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pinxo in Paris

The other night, we had dinner at Pinxo, a modern little restaurant near the Louvre. They serve everything tapas style or in individual little portions for each dish. They usually come in threes, but there were 4 of us, so they upped it.

The soup, which I initially resisted ordering as sounding boring, was delightful. Very fragrant and chock full of vegetables and tender large prawns.

The pumpkin cappuccinos were rich with the local pumpkin carrying the rich taste of chestnuts, topped with a delicious foam.

Other starters:

Notable entrées: The irresistable shrimp with coconut milk rice and meaty tuna with Belgian endive, which was cooked soft and twisted around the base of the fish.

The portions were large (especially for Paris) so we split 2 desserts, which was way more than enough.

The crépes were not what I was expecting but they were refreshing, while managing to pack a calorie laden punch.

The Tiramisu were beautiful and delicious - a real winner.

9, rue d’Alger
Paris 75001 France


Emiline said...

What a feast! I can't believe all of that food. That's an experience of a lifetime.

Cynthia said...

I am jealous!

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Oh great. Here I sit with my bowl of oatmeal and you FLASH this food porn at me!
I'll be right over, get me a room.

Sue said...

It WAS great, but there are more meals to come!

I know! I'm so lucky.

Hi Cath,
How WAS your farine d'avoine?