Thursday, March 20, 2008

Food As Art – Is This Weird or Is It Wonderful?

Photographer Carl Warner has created these pictures from food. Working in layers, he has laboriously constructed landscapes using food, and then taken perfectly composed photographs.

The salmon as ocean works on so many levels, but the thought of it sitting there is kind of gross. How many days, I wonder, does it take him to complete a photograph?

What happens to the food as it’s waiting to be shot and perhaps shot again. Warner says that's why he composes the pictures in layers. He must have to work very fast to keep each item looking so perfect.

I think it’s weird AND wonderful. Take a look at his other pictures here.

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Emiline said...

That is SO weird. I didn't know it was food until you pointed it out. Like the salmon river-I didn't notice that.
I like them.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Joost Elffers books? They're children's books with all the illustrations as food. While not quite elaborate as these photographs, its incredible to see what can be done with food. The whole series of books is popular in my classroom and with my son.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

These are like my dreams. Except mine have those people from "I Am Legend" chasing me.

Seriously, these are quite amazing.
Very creative.

Cynthia said...

I'm with you - weird and wonderful.

Sue said...

I know. The first one looks like a fantasy-like picture, until you realize a salmon is lying the middle of it.

I will have to check those out. I would have LOVED to have read book like that to my kids. What a perfect baby gift from a foodie. Thanx for the great idea.

Does what's in your dream have to do with what you had for dinner that night?

Hi Cyn,
Right. They really are both. Very pretty and very strange.

Anonymous said...

Other foodie kids' books to check out are the World Snacks series by Amy Lee Sanger.

Sue said...

Thank you Anon,
I'll look into those.