Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Scoreboard

7:30 pm
So far...three-quarters into the the 2nd quarter, the best commercials are and the adorable dalmatian helping the horse make it into the Budweiser lineup.

8:10 pm
Tom Petty hasn't exactly broken my heart yet, but the stage is a cool shape.

8:15 pm
I'm guessing that I missed Paula Abdul's video...Bye Tom.. That was IT?!

The cavemen are so over.

What is with Troy Aikman's cowlick? Why is that guy carrying a clipboard in his pants?

8:34 pm
I liked the shrunken head commercial. Am I being oversensitive or was the Sales commercial was slightly racist?

8:52 pm
Baby etrade commercial was THE far, and frankly I didn't even think the throwing up was necessary.

Another baby etrade commerical, this one with a clown. Definitely good.

Giants win! I didn't care who won, but it did seem like an exciting game, even for someone who knows NOTHING about football. Time for more snacks...


Tracy said...

I liked the dalmation and horse commercial the best. The baby was 2nd best. The game was boring until the end.

Sue said...

Hi Tracy,

I don't know from football, but my final favs were the baby etrade commercials, the dalmatian one and And I never really cared about Eli Manning before, but I read a really nice article about how he's close to his mama and likes to go antiquing with her.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I waited and waited for a good Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. They are always the best. (What me? Biased on that topic? Nah!) This one was definitely great.

I wasn't so excited about seeing the Giants win as much as I was excited about seeing the Patriots lose.

Fruit species said...

I know nothing much about football too. I only watch them banging each other down :)

Sue said...

Hey Shortie,
I'm no accomplished horsewoman like you, but I also love the horsies...and the doggies too.

Hey Fruitie,
I know even less about football than you do. Is that what they're doing?