Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ingrid Sighting

Ingrid was on The Today Show this morning, promoting her new book. Al introduced her as “a Latin Sensation”, which makes sense because there really is nothing nice to say about her cooking. She immediately began stroking Al’s…...ego and complimenting him on his attire.

She is showing him pulled pork. She boils a pork loin for 45 minutes. How about BRAISING, instead of boiling, for a bit more flavor? Oh well, if she doesn’t care, why should I? (To braise, the meat is seared first and then cooked in JUST enough nicely seasoned liquid to barely cover and kept at a gently simmer. Boiling is boiling.) She barely bothers to sauté chorizo and then she adds the pork, which had been pre-pulled. A bunch of other ingredients - potatoes, tomatoes, chipotle, herbs and vinegar – get stirred in.

She leads Al to the other demonstration counter where the meat mixture has already been put into a tortilla. It is not a terrible presentation - it’s wrapped up in brown paper and tied with a scallion(?). It might have been nice to see Ingrid do something, but that would have taken time away from flirting with Al.

She used the expression “Chica Tip”, which I loathe, and Al was practically foaming at the mouth. She had him just where she wanted him. Then, rather abruptly I thought, she hands him a margarita, which they both down (alright maybe they were taking tiny sips), as they salsa out of the segment.

It was all kinda dumb. So much had been done in advance that Ingrid basically cooked nothing, which maybe, after all, isn’t such a bad thing.


Emiline said...

She's on her way out. Nobody likes her.
Except for Al.

Hey! What happened to Roker on the Road?

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

*sigh* What I wouldn't give for a real Latina chef on Food Network. I am glad so many people feel the same way about Ingrid's Boring Food Show.

My sister in law plans to go to culinary school once the kids are both in school (that's two more years for my nephew to get to kindergarten). She wants to be a pastry chef, but perhaps we can persuade her otherwise and get her on TV. The whole country would swoon over her empanadas and buneulos and roast pork. I'm not sure she's exactly what the FN execs want to aim the demographic at though. She's quite pretty, but she has small boobs, is over 40, and is a massive perfectionist.

Anonymous said...

Why all the mean comments??? Ingrid Hoffman is great!

Sue said...

They're having another season of SD, so someone likes her.

I dunno what happened to Al's show. Sometimes these things just fade away without a word.

Hi Rachel,
Wow, wouldn't that be awesome to have a GOOD authentic Latin cook on the FN. I hope you're learning everything you can from her...your sister-in-law, not Ingrid.

Hi Anonymous,
I'll grant you that Ingrid is an attractive personality, but she's no cook and this is the FOOD Network. A talk show...fine. But a cooking show? NO!