Thursday, November 15, 2007

Serendipity - I Don't Really Like Rodents

With My Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

The New York City health department apparently agreed, when they shut down Serendipity 3 last night for a whole range of quite gross health violations.

I guess the lesson here is that you can get just as sick from a TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR dessert as you can from a three dollar hot dog off the street (except THOSE vendors are really closely regulated).


Emiline said...

OH MY. I think I'm going to be sick. That is SO gross. Mice? More than 100 cockroaches?
Didn't RR go there with her hubby one time?

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Ick! That place is always mobbed unless you go at some off hour. I can imagine it's hard to get the rodent population under control when you're dealing with a constant stream of people wanting their frozen hot chocolates.

*sigh* It makes me sad though. I have had some very good late nights at Serendipity. I remember with fondness my post-prom frozen hot chocolate.

Oh well, there is a chocolate store down the street the opened last year that does a pretty good frozen hot chocolate of its own.

Sue said...


I'm sure it IS a place where RR may have gone. EVERYBODY has been there. Probably not anymore...

It IS ironic that they got all that press about that dessert and now...


I know it's so disgusting. And yes, it always was a great place to go. I don't know if they have new management, but that does sound rather unacceptable.

Matt said...

A friend of mine worked for the Heath Dept. outside of Atlanta, GA for quite some time. I'm glad I live in Chicago b/c the stories she told me were really disturbing. I finally had to tell her to just quit talking to me! :-) *smile*. However, the one thing she always told me, which you brought up in your blog, was that she rarely had trouble with the little mom and pop places, the little "joints", the pizza pubs, etc. She did shut down a few major restaurants in her time and always let it be known that they were, by far, the last place she would ever go.
I won't get into some of the fast food chicken places .... but ... uh .. I don't get chicken from any of those places anymore. Eeek!

Sue said...

Hi Matt,

The tales (tails!) of those fast food places are a part of urban legend, and it's scary to think that they're true.