Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Big Shoutout To Huge Red

I think that's what he said his name was in the store today. I don't often go trolling the supermarkets for people to talk to...oh, who I am kidding? I'll talk to anyone...supermarket or not.

I was asking the supermarket manager where I could find butcher's twine and he took me over to the butcher to sell me a roll from there. When he looked at the price ($9.00), he handed me a wad and said, "Just put this in your pocket". As I was thanking him, this other gentleman caught my attention and we got to talking. I noticed, most of all, a kind glimmer in his eye. There was something so sweet and dear about him. I asked him about his Thanksgiving and he said his wife was ill and that he was going to be doing all the cooking under her direction.

I don't know why that touched me, but it made me profoundly grateful for all the friends and family that I'll be cooking for, some with lifelong health challenges, others with recent ones and most, thankfully, just fine. I told Huge Red I had a food blog and gave him the URL and that's when he told me his screenname.

I hope he has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope his wife recovers soon and takes over the cooking again. And I know that I will have a Thanksgiving abundantly (excessively even) full of food and fun and I wish that for you, too.


Emiline said...

That is a good story. I want to say hi to that man, too. Hi! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

You too, Sue.

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving to you. Thank you for your fun blog!

Sue said...

Anyone would be lucky to have a HI from you. YOU have a great one!

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day tomorrow.