Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meal Beautification By The Washington Post

This is a wonderful article that was in the Washington Post about plate garnishing. I hope the link is still available and you don't have to do that bothersome registering to get to it. It's called "Step Up To The Plate", if you have to look for it.

The most important point when individually serving a plate is not to make it look like a TV dinner, where each component is clearly assigned a certain portion of the plate. There should be more flow.

Plus, it's pointed out that each element should be made to look as attractive as possible, hence, the addition of a bit of turmeric and black sesame seeds to the couscous or a few slivers of red pepper to the green vegetable.

Go, too, to the slide show in the article, (AUDIO GALLERY: Creating a Dinner Palette), which is a nice, clear demonstration of how easy it is to make the dinner plate pop. The only jarring thing in the slide show? The really hairy hand placing the final touches on the plate. Am I the only one to notice that?


Fruit species said...

Hairy hand, it's so funny.. think it's no longer there. Didn't see any hand

Sue said...

Hi Fruity,
The slide show link was in the Washington Post article, but I added a link to it to my post. Check it out. Thanks for the shoutout.

Cynthia said...

Thanks Sue. Will definitely check it out. I;m already registered so it's not a problem.

Emilie said...

I would love to learn more about plating food/food styling. I think that's what I want to go into. Some of these food blogs are impressive, with their photograhy and plating of food. Like, La Tartine Gourmande.